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Pioneer CT-F1250

Pioneer CT-F1250


Poineer CTF1250

I think my hearts just gone mad for this one What a Master peace True craftsmanship Looks good, sounds good, is good, made to last decades.
Quality that I just never see now

The last time I saw this was back in my early days when this was something that only millionaires had!!

What a shame that we don’t see anything quite like this anymore this is where I say you can never ever beat Analogue Or Valve or Pioneer well you never ever used to be able to come even close to this except maybe Teac or Technics and you had to pay fortunes for this similar to The Aiwa top of the range stories

Very nicely kept

This is something that people will look back on one day and say If only they made them Hi Fi like this now with an emphasis on quality and production people would still pay that type of money for this quality

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