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Pioneer D-05

Pioneer D-05


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User Manual

Hucsacsu please you could put in list Pioneer the User Manual of this instrument? I have been looking for for many months this manual...( I need it because I don't understand any functions)


Hiye, the Tascam DA-20 & Fostex D-5 are similar decks. Download the Tascam DA-20 owner's manual. I can't manuals upload.
This is a Fostex D-5 manual:

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Hi Hucsacsu, I thank you but I have already tried to use that manual and despite it seem equal aesthetically, in reality it has different commands: for example the selector to the right that in the Pioneer it commands the timer, in the Foxter the same selector commands the entries instead... and so all the other commands: apparently equal but that instead they have performed then different...Just for these motives I am looking for the user manual of the Pioneer D-05...

Pioneer D-05 manual

Hiye, I need a little more time, i will upload the Pio manual on the next weekend. Please patient. Bye

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I infinitely thank You, really !

Pioneer D-05 user manual English/Francais

Hi! Somebody has sent you a file using http://www.toldacuccot.hu/en.

Details of uploaded file: "Pioneer_d05.pdf" (34.14 Mbyte)

You can download this file by clicking on the following link:

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Bye: hucsacsu

Pioneer D-05 SM

may you please post serice manual again? thanks

Re: Pioneer D-05 SM


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Thanks a lot ! I am very thankful to You: to good to make this pleasure...