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Pioneer SA-5200

Pioneer SA-5200

Pioneer SA-5200
16 Watts @8 Ohms
Little Brother to the SA-6200
22 Watts @8 Ohms


Service manual Pioneer SA-5200

Hi All
I have uploaded the Service manual on the Pioneer SA-5200
Posted October 19th, 2010 but still do not see it listed
Can you tell me why this is
Thank you

Adding scans to the library

Sorry but adding scans isn't an automated process and I only have so many hours a week I can donate to the site (it's a hobby, not a business).

Some nights I can spend the whole evening cleaning up one manual, other times scans can be added to the site as is, so I can't give a time scale for when files will be added. All I can say is that all uploads are appreciated and I'll get around to them eventually :)

From the upload form:

"There is often a delay in processing scans (I do this in my spare time). Please bear with me as I appreciate your contribution and process uploads roughly in the order in which they are uploaded."


PS I've temporarily closed the upload form to allow me to catch up with the October backlog

Hi JaS no worries because

Hi JaS
no worries because i hadn't see it listed i thought there was a problem with it or the upload or something i am happy to upload any service manuals i may have to your site for others to download