hifi engine

power loss 8100

power loss 8100

zener diode for relay power not working need new board
hole burned through it
any suggestions?


Re: power loss 8100

Difficult to say without seeing the actual damage. If the circuit board is actually damaged beyond repair, then your unit would essentially become a parts unit. I doubt that, however, as most board problems can be fixed. It might be a little difficult, and if you have to pay a technician to do it, it could be expensive. But, as I said, it all depends upon the damage. Zeners do get hot, but unless they were undersized to begin with, they shouldn't get hot enough to burn a hole through the board. IMO, the KA-8100 is the best amp of that series, but it does have a couple of design flaws. It's possible that your amp has other issues beyond the obvious. I'm a tinkerer and not a technician, but I'm fairly confident that I could fix this. If you were interested in selling the amp as-is, I might be interested in buying.