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Quad 405-2

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Quad 405-2

This is a QUAD 405-2 100wpc amplifier I've owned since purchasing it new in 1982. These were the last of a great race of hifi components inspired by the genius of Peter Walker, QUADs founder and the grandfather of highly musical, solid state hifi separates. The 405-2 has been continually sought out since the day it was first made because of its tremendous musicality -- a quality now hotly pursued by people with an ear for music and not just etched sonic artifacts that define so many of today's high-end amplifiers. This Canadian unit was completely overhauled in 2015.

The (A) behind the '405-2 'is my way of noting it has been completely re-built with a mix of fresh and upgraded parts by Dada Electronics of Antwerp (hence the 'A') and although the love of Walker-era QUAD components has been a worldwide phenomena for almost 40 years, it took two Belgian technicians to recognize their built-in potential and sonic worthiness to form Dada Electronics. As clientele lined up from the start, Dada decided to finance the design and construction of new circuit boards and a plethora of other electronics to not only resurrect the 405 and other QUAD separates, but elevate them to a new life that surpasses even the musicality of the originals. Dual mono power supplies, audiophile caps, resistors, op-amps and ICs with fresh point-to-point wiring is at the heart of this upgrade while the exterior is left in the original state --though I chose to change out the DIN connectors with RCAs and upgraded speaker cable connectors on the back. Dada selected all of the upgraded electronics based on what they believe Peter Walker would have used had such things been available during his lifetime.

QUAD's external industrial design is also timeless. From its size and subtle colors to it buttons, knobs and lights, both the 30x and 40x series of components have heavily influenced both the form factor and the look of many 'high-end' components that sport the retro look in today's marketplace.


Re: Quad 405-2

Bought mine new in 1986. Have had it serviced and recently recapped, but no major modifications.

I tend to take the Quad 405 2 for granted. It has simply let the music through. I enjoyed it with KEF 104ab speakers that finally died, and look forward to new pair of Harbath 30.1s. Was interested to learn that Harbeth speakers were designed using the 405 2 amp.