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new owner of quad 44 with the 606

Question.....In the back of the 44 which output do you use ......5v 16v 100mv......whats the difference...not sure..... ( I have KEF Q900s)

Help anyone
Eric A

Quad 44 output to power amplifier

The Quad 44 that I own has a choice of 3 output values, 0.5 volts (DIN connection), 1.6 volts (RCA connection) and 5 volts (RCA connection). These 3 values allow you to connect the preamp to a wide variety of power amplifiers, not just the Quad. I would try the 2 lowest outputs first. Make the connection, for example, the .5 volt output to the power amplifier. Set your preamp to the minimum volume, play a cd or vinyl record. Advance the volume and see if you are happy with the range of sound (from no sound to a lot of sound).

Disconnect those connections. Next, try the 1.6 volt connection and see if you are happy with the range of sound.

If the output from the preamp to the power amp is too high (for example 5 volts), you will get sound when the volume control is at minimum. Obviously you don't want that because you can't play the music at low volume.

Hope this answers your question.