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Questionable Speaker Setups

Questionable Speaker Setups

Hi all - I'm trying to set up my speakers in a different way but I'm not sure if what I want is safe for my amp:


Re: Questionable Speaker Setups

OK, I get it. The blocks at the top of the diagram are the A and B outputs of your amp. I assume the powered subwoofer has a built-in amp with a summing circuit for left and right inputs and that the input impedance is high, i.e. much greater than 8 ohms so it does not load the amp outputs. This is why it must always be connected in parallel with your speaker system and why the first diagram would not work.

The connections you show here will not damage the amp because, as you correctly point out, the minimum load on each channel is 16 ohms (A or B) and the maximum load is 8 ohms (A and B).

However, you will notice a degradation of power level and tonal quality in the speaker pairs. Because they are connected in series they must "share" power, each getting about 1/2. This may not be a problem. Also their impedances will interact since speaker+crossover impedance is complex, not resistive. The change in frequency response may also not be a problem. You'll just have to try it and listen.