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Realistic SA 102

Realistic SA 102


Re: Realistic SA 102

There were two versions of Realistic SA-102 during its five year run. It was introduced in 1980 as catalog no. 31-1963 with discrete transistor amplifier circuitry. This was replaced by a Sanyo LA4440 chip amp for catalog no. 31-1963A. It's probable the discrete version ran for two years, 1980/1981, and that the chip amp version ran from 1982 through end of model line in 1984.

Radio Shack catalogs don't indicate when the catalog no. change occurred. But SA-102 listed for US$79.95 those first two years and dropped to US$59.95 from 1982 through the remainder of its run. The switch to chip amp would have lowered production costs, supporting the theory that price drop coincides with introduction of chip amp version 31-1963A.

Subsequent models, SA-150 and SA-155, both continued to use the LA4440 chip amp and held at the US$59.95 retail price point.