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Sansui 881 Receiver

Sansui 881 Receiver



Hi Van Isle, I purchased new and still own an AU4400........it doesn't look anything like this photo. The item in the photo is a receiver and the AU4400 is an integrated amplifier........least that's my belief. I'll try to take a pic of mine and do an upload. Cheers, Nintz

Picture is of a Sansui 881

The AU-2200 is a silver-faced integrated amp, which really looks nothing like the top-of-the-XX1-line 881.

Thanks Guys

I realized as soon as I uploaded the file that I had picked the wrong picture. At the time for some reason I could not edit the post and asked admin if they could fix it. Guess they didn't get around to it, but now I have managed the edit.

I'll post up a pic of my AU-4400 as well.