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Sanyo JA240 Integrated Amplifer

Sanyo JA240 Integrated Amplifer


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Re: Sanyo JA240 Integrated Amplifer

Looks like a toy radio and has a lot of plastic but it's not a lightweight in sound reproduction. I know, I know, there are so many claims out there about the superiority of vintage gear and as an owner of some I must say this generalization is bogus as I have owned the good, the bad and the ugly too. As ugly as this little guy is, if you find one in good repair at a garage sale you will not regret spending the $15 for it as this little Sanyo will really send your ears for a loop.
The hardest part is reconciling excellent sound with the plastic industrial look of this budget piece but there it is.I have even used it to discover the small differences between the very expensive, modern sources such as CD players and DACs and it does that very well. It has earned its shelf space along side some renown brands in my room when more than a few Marantz, Pioneer and some famed black box brand budget units have not.