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Sherwood S-6040 CP power amplifier

Sherwood S-6040 CP power amplifier


Sherwood S6040 CP

What can anyone tell me about this unit. Just picked one up recently and know very little about it.

Re: Sherwood S6040 CP

Hi peter1961

I own an S6040CP and its companion S6020CP preamplifier and S450CP cassette deck since late 80'. I currently still use these units for listening music and audio from TV programs. The S6040CP (CP=Certified Performances) was produced by the Corean company Inkel. As a matter of fact the S6040CP was available across the Asian market under the Inkel brand . It is a very enjoyable, fine sounding power amplifier that sports MosFet as Power devices. It was reviewed with very impressive technical specs and sound qualities from Italian audio Magazines years ago. The S6040CP comes with a number of protection features that make it very reliable and prone to adverse operating conditions. My unit did never have any problem, but a false contact issue affecting the output protection Relay that's got inserted after a few seconds from power on. However, should you come across with the same issue, it is relatively simple to remove the realy plastic protective covering and clean contacts. For safety, always power off the amp and remove the power chord from the AC Outlet to avoid any risk from possible electrical shock . As said I enjoy the sound of both units being very smooth although at the price of some vagueness in "visualizing" virtual images of musicians and singers. On the other hand, I find them particularly enjoyable when it comes to Video programs, being these played back either straight from TV programs or DVDs. I also appreciate the look of both units. No large knobs on front panel, just push buttons and, on S6020CP, slide controls for volume, bass and treble. I tested the S6040CP with other more updated preamplifiers with overall better sound performances. Kind regards.