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When the Snell C-IV was new,

When the Snell C-IV was new, I liked them quite a bit. (never got them... $$$)

It is interesating that you never see Snell speakers for sale second hand... It seems Snell owners like them a lot!

The last DJ

I'm the last of my friends that still spends serious dough on Hi-Fi equipment. I have a friend who owns those same speakers, and as I upgrade regularly, he looks at what it would cost to "step-up" from his Snells, and spends his money elsewhere (like his $55,000 Ranger Bass boat). Take what you spent on your speakers, adjust for inflation and then double it, and that's typically the price of stepping-up. But people still do sell their Snells occasionally, and when they do, they sell on sites like: audiogon com attracts the higher end folks. So if you are looking for a pair, start at audiogon, then try audiokarma. Retail stores that sell new high-end equipment invariably have a consignment section where their customers sell their old equipment in a desperate attempt to justify the costs of upgrading. (there is no justification, it's a disease)

Good Luck

When the Snell C-IV was new

You're not kidding. I have a pair of C-IV's that I've had for decades. They still sound wonderful. They can stand up to just about anything I've heard recently. They have incredible soundstaging, imaging and warmth. They don't have the hard midrange that so many modern speakers toss at you. They do music right. And that's what it should be all about.