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Sony TC-774

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Sony TC-774

I own the unit pictured altough the picture was taken by a previous owner. Does anyone have info on these? Has more than this one been built? No serial Number tag, may have fallen off. Hand written Manual in Japanese-Mimeograph-
Its a Sony TC-774 Inside it has two TC-772 main PCB's for the four channels. There is a custom made perfboard circuit with period components(original) for the xlr outputs, probly an amp.possibly power circuit for mics. Only looked at it a little so far. There is a Social Security number etched into the bottom 555-**-**** looked it up, issued in Calif. It has the same PB and Rec heads as a TC366-4 the Erase head is full track, One REC button for all four tracks. Head cover has the Quadradial badge. Takes 24 D Cell Batteries in rear compartment. The Four pots on the lefthand panel are the output level controls. The panel that they are mounted in has been hand cut and drilled,the thick aluminum plate is there to cover the protruding shafts of the pots. no knobs on these...Hmmm. The meters light up like a 772, also it runs at 7 1/2 and 15 ips.
Please feel free to share your experiences with this machine or others. Thanks


Re: Sony TC-774

Greetings...I remember seeing that machine for sale on ebay years ago.....Is that where you got it?
It may well indeed be a prototype....Im.am trying to.make oUT the controls on the white block...those are output level controls ?....what are the rest of the controls on that panel....WOW...24 batteries...is the deck taller than a regular 770 to fit all of those ?
...would love to see some better shots...516 330 9385....there are no syNC features are there ....guess strictly for live recordings or quad recird playback...very cool though...contact me 516 330 9385 Gary