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Speaker recommendation for newbee

Speaker recommendation for newbee

Hi everybody. My father has SA 9500 II amp and hpm 100 speakers. However we lost speakers while we were moving. Which speaker do you recomend us to use? Second hand or unused? Which one is better?
After he had been heart attack, I started to research this thing. He is music addict.

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Re: Speaker recommendation for newbee

The classic speaker pairing for these components, back in the day, were the original Large Advent speakers. I had this combo back in the 70s thru the middle 90s, and they were a great match that kicked (bleep, and rephrase) much pricier gear to the side. If you had more money than most of us, you'd stack a pair of Bose 901's on top of the Advents, or perhaps just another pair of Advents.

The Pioneer SA 9500II amp was rated at 90 watts per channel RMS into 8 ohms, from 20 Hz to 20Khz at less than 0.01% THD, with both channels driven. If one of today's car audio brands were to rate this amp, they'd probably advertise it as 10,000 Watts Peak Power!

I'd been in the audio business for several years back then, and I knew what a gem the 9500II was. So I took my amp to a rating and comparison clinic sponsored by Phase Linear (when that brand was hot). The Phase Linear techs hooked up my amp and ran the tests. Somehow, I was made to feel very unwelcome when my Pioneer made the pricy PL amps look sub-par at best, and well over-priced when compared to my moderately-priced Pioneer.

Back to your question: I still would recommend Large Advents if you can find them.
Nice Advents (with refoamed woofers) are often available on the Bay at good prices, but shipping costs can be high for these heavy speakers. You might try your local Craigslist. Also, you may be able to find a pair of the similar sized Pioneer speakers (with the diamond-grid grills). They would certainly match, but they won't sound as good. Don't buy vintage Sansui speakers - - - they stink.

If you (or your significant other) can't accommodate the large (monkey coffin) size of the Advents, there are many modern, smallish, excellent bookshelf speakers available. Most will require a subwoofer, but I'm certain you know that.

You own one of the greatest of the vintage integrated amps - - - please give it the fine component partners it deserves.

Good Luck!


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Re: Speaker recommendation for newbee

Although this separates unit is showing its age you would still be best getting the best speakers you can afford (within reason). $600-$800 should have you getting the best from this system - after a few checks to make sure everything still works as it should!
Get a knowledgeable person to check it over and then decide if you want something on stands or floor-standers. Aaron make some nice affordable speakers; so do Epos.