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STR-V55 , STR-V35 , TC-K61


STR-V55 , STR-V35 , TC-K61

From top to bottom:

TC-K61 cassette deck, STR-V55 stereo receiver, STR-V35 stereo receiver (1980)


Re: STR-V55 , STR-V35 , TC-K61

Doesn't anyone ever lose or break the interconnecting "System Control Cords" that are used to interconnect the TA-AV421 TO THE ST-JX421, THE TC-W421 AND THE CDP-221 modules???? Someone must surley have a part number or information as to where to get replacement flat nine wire cable and 9 pin (flat connector pins). Help would be really appreciated! Thankyou.
H.L. Hill