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Stylusses For Sale 1000's of stylusses

Stylusses For Sale 1000's of stylusses

Product Description


Bang & Olufsen SP-6 Styli/Needle

Reference Number: SP6/410/415E

Cartridge Number: SP6

Cartridge Type: Moving Magnet

Stylus Tip: Conical

Tracking Force: 1.7-2.3g

Brands/Stylus using this stylus:
Bang & Olufsen

Brands/Cartridges using this stylus:

Bang & Olufsen SP6, (You are bidding on)

Also limited stock available of Type SP7E

The SP9 cartridge was an alternative, higher quality version of the SP7 It was also manufactured with an elliptical stylus.
The SP8 had the same specifications as the SP9 and again was designed for those pickup arms which had previously used the SP7.

(The SP7E Elliptical Tip Version) Starting from $59 AUD
Standard Postage to Germany & other European Countries is 8 Euros.
These are high quality after market stylus, meaning not original as is 90% of all stylus manufactured and sold worldwide.
European Swiss & Japanese manufactures are making styli according to the original manufactures specification.
We do not sell Chinese made stylus needles.

Brands/Turntables or Systems using this stylus:

The SP-range of Bang & Olufsen cartridges enveloped a broad range of uses. The cartridge range was introduced as a result of stereophonic records becoming more and more popular with the introduction of microgrooved 33 rpm vinyl recordings. At that time there was no standard as such for playing back vinyl recordings. Bang & Olufsen paved the way with the company’s introduction of the 15° tracking angle for stereo recordings, later adopted as a world standard.

Using the ‘moving iron’ principle a very small armature was placed over four tiny magnets. In playing a record the armature moved by extremely small degrees. An induced current, caused by this movement, was then relayed to the cartridge’s contacts. It was this very small electrical current, amplified to quite an enormous degree by amplifiers attached to the record deck, which allowed users to hear their records.

Unlike the later MMC-range of cartridges where stylus and components were combined, the stylus of the SP-range was designed to be easily removed and replaced. In this way, music lovers could purchase a stylus (or styli) relevant to their needs. Suitable diamond-tipped styli could be bought for 78 rpm records, monophonic records as well as micro-groove stereophonic records of the late 1950s.
Colors of displayed styli may differ.


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Record styli are also known as record player needles, turntable needles, turntable stylus or record stylus, and also known as phonograph stylus, with either a conical tip, elliptical tip or a shibata tip. All our needles are fitted with long lasting diamond tips and are made by precision European & Japanese manufacturers to the exact specifications. Our range includes the earliest steel needles, replacement styli for ceramic, magnetic and even some moving coil cartridges, certain models provide tips for speeds of 33/45 and 78 rpm.


There are several pieces of information which will help you find the correct stylus for your record player.

The best is the actual stylus code or numbers, which you may find printed on the stylus or cartridge body, try the User Manual or printed on the top or rear of the turntable.

It is important to know, that you may not have the original Cartridge - Styli Needle fitted to your record player, in this case another cartridge may resolve the problem.

The next most useful is the cartridge model. This is particularly important if the cartridge installed is not the original one.

Next is the brand and model of the player. If you can't locate it send us an email or phone us. Sometimes when there are no identifying codes a clear sharp photo of the stylus assembly will help us identify it.

Otherwise copy and paste the following and include/add the above details in your SMS 0415 238914 or email details below

Turntable Brand/Model:

Cartridge/Brand/ Model:

Stylus Model:

Stylus Color:

Photo Included:

If we do not have your model we have hundreds of other models to choose from.

We send our styli/needles locally as well as worldwide.

Postage will depend on your location, therefore postal charges may differ from the advertised postal charges.

Certain types/models styli may have postage charges included.

All styli are inspected/checked prior to delivery as we do not sell bend or damaged styli and therefore do not accept returns.

If however you manage to choose to incorrect styli and we have the correct one we may at our option provide the correct styli.

If not certain please don't proceed. Ask for help as we are only too happy to provide assistance.