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Superscope R-1262 receiver

Superscope R-1262 receiver


Re: Superscope R-1262 receiver

Except for a differently designed faceplate and dialscale this one is identical to "blue series" R-1240, the latter one - if in good cosmetic state - is a real beauty.
Technically both are the same and very well designed: Inside it's a Marantz 104 tuner + a 1040 amp in one housing, so you can use their service manuals.

I strongly recommend to replace ** all ** old "Towa" caps, even those of the equalizer board behind the potentiometers (I had a light bass noise at zero volume which vanished after recapping equalizer board, as well).

Great value for little money, this receiver outperforms a Marantz 2215B or 2220 with ease (more sensitive tuner, more powerful amp). And - as an R-1240 - it even looks like a 22xx Marantz.