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Tandberg TR-1055 AM FM Stereo Receiver

Tandberg TR-1055 AM FM Stereo Receiver


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I have only been here for a short time, and i am soooo pleased to see some REAL Hi-Fi components :-) My dad used to own one of these beauties ! He had a pair of Celestion 55's connected and a Goldring Lenco GL-75 Turntable.... boy could this amplifier rock the foundations :-O The frequency response was superb. Wish my dad was still around, and this set up too, but i know he'll be giving some vibes in heaven :-)

GL75? Sound stuff!

Now THERE's a sound choice of turntable! Through the seventies and eighties jockey wheel drive was vilified, `it rumbles' and makes too much noise etc. What a lot of twaddle they bleated in the hifi mags and club newsletters. Basically it was the dealers trying to scare hifi geeks into buying a new turntable. NEVER BELIEVE A SALESMAN my father used to tell me, check it out first and make up your own mind before spending your doe! He was right of course, salesmen are only interested in sales. Anyway in '74 I traded in my Goldring Lenco GL69 for a new GL75, it is still in my hifi system and is regularly used. It sounds superb on an Ortofon VMS 20E cartridge, it still uses the original jockey wheel, but I have had to replace the `V' blocks in the tone arm (20 minute job). Not bad for over 38 years use? I don't think I'll live long enough for the jockey wheel to wear out!!