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TEAC 160 Stereo Cassette Deck


TEAC 160 Stereo Cassette Deck


Re: TEAC 160 Stereo Cassette Deck

Good Morning.
I have been changing the belts lately and did a Azimuth adjustment to my A-160 ! But when I put the Cassette in it starts up playing but after a short wile it stops because the right wheel does not turn any further and the pinch roller pulls the Tape out of case and into the mechanism. Under the cover there is a spring which might has to go into a certain position arround the counter when everything has been put together. This is the only thing I have been thinking about when it did not function like it should. I have to say that I have never been working with a A-160 Teac,because usually I service Marantz vertical drive Tapedecks. Plus there is a light control on the Counter which should turn on when runninng ! It does not ! Maybe somebody is familliar with this Model and has sugestions about it !!!!

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