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I need a service manual TEAC/TASCAM 35-2

Serious possible that could raise to the page the manual of the TEAC 35-2 ?? One does not find in no site to come out for the web... THANK YOU VERY MUCH


Owners/Service manual for Tascam 35-2B Mastering Deck

I also have one of these beauties...AND..I "googled" the net for "free"manuals,too..WITH ABSOLUTELY NO LUCK..BUT.. they are very available as high quality bound manuals @ a very reasonable cost(about half of what others are charging)..either as a set of service and owners manuals combined or as the owners manual or service manual separately. I've been very happy with both the print quality and quality of customer service provided PLUS,they have just about any manual you may need,regardless of the manufactuer,the type of equipment(r-2-r/cassette/TV/remote controls/mic mixers/etc.) ,or how old the gear might be. The seller is Vintage Stereo Manuals..you can find them on them on net..BTW,about my last order with them,I was in a real bind for a service manual for a very odd,old piece of test gear.Simply put, I was unabled to locate it ANYWHERE,period!! Guess what... they had it..for a service/users manual with over 127 pages and sent by USPS Priority mail,my entire cost was under $30 USD..I had the set in (2)two days...I'm sorry about being able to send a pdf for the 35-2B to you..I lent them to a "friend" that did not bother to return my set before he "left" town....IN A HURRY..!! If you just "google" Teac OR Tascam 35-2B, I'm positive you will find them...I hope my info helps..Lee