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TOA Power AMP/PA AMP 240 Watts

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TOA Power AMP/PA AMP 240 Watts

This is a very nice amplifier with both AC and DC connections. It was bought used and a very usable amplifier for Guitar/Keyboards/Elec. Drum Kits and plenty of usable power to fill a larger than average room (HOME) and will probably fill an auditorium with the right PA-Speakers (speaker?).

This is a single channel amplifier, but I have used it with a "tube type" Pre-amp and split the channel into two with an "old timer" Solid State Reverb with beautiful results.....and BTW: I played Guitar alongside of the musical selection with great mix results on my Tascam Mini Studio Mixer/8 track recorder and THAT through a Behringer Modelling Mixer as well.

When encountering one of these beasts (not sure how many lbs., but I have a hard time getting it lifted from an angle) it should be a "Must Buy" for anyone that wants a cheaper (Don't Know Where?!) but capable amp for a stronger output either outdoors or indoors.

Not much else but Pictures left for Information on this beast!