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Yamaha KX-393 Stereo Cassette Deck

Yamaha KX-393 Stereo Cassette Deck



My only experience with the Yamaha brand, The old Amstrad (blush) cassette unit I had finally died, never really a fan of tape cassettes, I never the less have quite a collection of them, some of which I like, so I looked for a replacement. The Yamaha was a second hand deal at £20. It was fairly clean and tidy and looked okay, but it had some small user marks where it had been `stacked' in a tower. Back in a tower these don't show, but what did show, was the difference in sound quality. I used to `put up' with Alan Sugars offering, but this Yamaha was in a different game altogether. The obvious improvement was that it has a treble response!! This affects the rest of the spectrum too, speach is as though they're in the room with you (talking books), bass doesn't boom, music is, er, musical? This tape unit has put a new lease of life into my cassette collection, so if I see any on offer in our local charity shops?????

Are there any other cassette users in here? I'm looking for some `metal' blank C60's/C90's , anyone??