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Acoustic Research Acoustic Suspension Loudspeakers

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Acoustic Research Acoustic Suspension Loudspeakers


Detailing the AR-2 and AR-3 loudspeaker systems.

The cone of an Acoustic Suspension Speaker is mounted on very free suspension, so compliant that they are able to provide the elastic restoring force required in a speaker system.

This missing restoring force is then reintroduced by the cushion of air enclosed in the sealed cabinet.

The speaker cone works against the elastic cushion instead of against its own mechanical suspension.

An acoustic speaker cabinet must be relatively small in order to provide the necessary air-spring (the enclosed air in a larger cabinet would not form a cushion springy enough to be effective).

Since this air-spring introduces less distortion than mechanical suspension, the small enclosure size is accompanied by increased rather than compromised reproducing quality, especially in the bass.

Today, owing mainly to Acoustic Research's introduction of the acoustic suspension design, the giant enclosure has almost passed from the scene, and speaker prices are a quarter of what they where.

Most important of all, it is possible to achieve an undistorted naturalness in musical reproduction that was not previously attainable.


AR-2, AR-3



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