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Acoustic Research High Fidelity Components


AR believes that manufacturers can best accomplish the design of high-fidelity components by the application of scientific methods in their testing and evaluation while maintaining the same objective standards in describing their products to the public.

Accordingly. AR offers, free of charge, complete technical data on every AR product. AR holds that the accuracy with which sound is reproduced can be measured objectively.

This point of view is in opposition to that of the golden ear which suggests that only persons of exceptional sensitivity or taste are able to judge the fidelity of a recording or music system.

AR also rejects the idea that high-fidelity equipment should sound good; we believe it should have no sound of its own. Its purpose is to reproduce as closely as possible the sound of the original performance.


AR-2ax, AR-2x, AR-3A, AR-4x, AR-5, AR-6, Amplifier, Receiver, Speaker Base, Tuner, Turntable

Year: 1971



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Reviewed Jul 22nd, 2015 by thegunnery

Very nice overview of the 1971 product line.



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