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Acoustic Solutions SP150

CD Player/Audio Hard Drive Jukebox System

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Acoustic Solutions SP150


Disc format: CD

Signal to Noise Ratio: 70dB

Total harmonic distortion: 0.1%

Line output: 0.56V

Dimensions: 430 x 285 x 95mm

Weight: 4.8kg

Note: 40GB hard drive



re: SP150

I have the SP101 amplifier, SP121 CD player and SP111 DAB/FM tuner and am looking at getting the SP150 Jukebox. Can the SP150 hard drive be upgraded and to what capacity.

re: SP150

Hello :)
I'am happy new owner of A.S. SP101 + SP150

Good Points SP101/103:
- simple build inside, "power end" PCB based on TDA 7296 easy replacement for better quality one, i mean LM3886 which introduces less "total harmonic distortion.
The power supply gives the voltage that gives this LM-chip the greatest gain factor for the heat dissipated. Such a compromise :)
- At low cost we can equip in BT receiver

Bad points:
- No diameter in sound. Low tones without depth
- Generally plastic look

Good Points SP150
- cheapest jukebox - I paid only £20
- works with "Solid State Hard Drives" - by the way, we reduce the power consumption of this poor power supply ;) And it will not makeing any noise

Bad points:
- poor power supply, but after using the SSD, it does not heat up so much anymore
- hard disk content is not recognized by "windows"
- no USB port to reep/play/copy any songs...
- CDDB not updatable any more

I hope I did not hurt much English language ;D

re: SP150

After a good deal of looking around, for anyone still interested in this issue:-

The firm who seemed more responsible for providing the SP150 Updates & Upgrades, Clarity Vision, who "took over" Acoustic Solutions (as was) appear not to be: they themselves were also "taken over" and there is no longer any connection with / support for items like the SP150. It seems quite unlikely now that people will be able to get hold of any updates for Firmware & CDDB - or indeed remote controls - except through i) contributors to specific forum threads like this or ii) Internet sites where members of the Public sell such items. To perhaps put it in perspective, for example, the last CD-Database update is now something like seven years ago so any CD released since then (1,000s??) would not be recognised and ALL its information would have to be inputted into the HDD by hand using the remote control - anybody who has done several of these will know it to be a mind- (& thumb-) numbing exercise!

If you really, really do want any of these items then it may be (slightly?) more productive keeping a daily/weekly eye on 'sites like Gumtree or eBay - or even local 'For Sale' pages. There seems to be a regular supply of Acoustic Solutions separates like the SP150 or SP151 on these - or even full systems for sale, at prices ranging from almost next-to-nothing upwards towards financial foolishness. I have seen the odd A.S. separate for sale in those Charity Shops that still sell electricals. A surprisingly large number of these items were apparently sold, mainly through Argos, and I guess that with the never-ending technological developments seen nowadays that folks perhaps not only tend to replace such equipment on a more regular basis but also "sell on" constantly too!! A swift trawl through, eg, eBay's 'Completed Listings' suggest that update discs, if received (or kept!) are occasionally included in the sale of A.S. 'Audio Jukeboxes'........obviously, if they haven't been "thrown in the bin by the wife", then remote controls are also normally included (I've never seen a remote control sold separately). This would seem now to be the only ways of getting hold of these Updates & Upgrade discs - and also the relevant remote controls

Incidentally, does anybody know if there IS any significant difference between the SP150 and SP151 models?

Good luck

re: SP150

Im looking to format to drive and start over again but unfortunatley i have misplaced the remote. Can it be done with just the front buttons and how? Thanks in advance

re: SP150 Formatting Hard Drive

Here are the instructions to access the hidden menu from the front panel buttons.

You access this menu from the 'ready' screen. Press and hold the rewind button and whilst keeping a hold on the rewind button press either 'play' or 'fast-forward' (depends on which firmware you have). The word 'format' should appear on the display and if you turn the selector knob you should also get the option to copy from HDD1 to HDD2 or copy from HDD2 to HDD1.

Acoustic solutions SP151

Hi, does anyone know how to delete music from the HD? The manual mentions how to delete a playlist - so do you have to add all the music to playlists so you can delete it again or is there a universal delete?




We have the AS sp150, there is a hidden menu within the system which allows you to format the hard drive, unfortunately we have lost the instructions on how to access this menu all we remember is there a set method of pressing certain buttons on the system itself while it is booting up to access the menu. Does anyone know how to access it??? Thanks

SP150/151 Extra Menus

To format the hard drive, switch on the unit and wait for it to initialise. When it is ready for playback hold down the rewind button on the player and whilst keeping it held press either the play or fast-forward button (depends on which version of firmware you have). The word format will appear on the display. Follow the instructions from there. Remember, this will erase everything on the drive!

To temporarily revert to the factory installed firmware as supplied when the machine was new hold down the rewind button whilst powering up the player. The date and time of the original firmware should appear on the display. After the unit is switched off at the next power up the firmware will revert to whatever the latest update was.

Deleting Songs/Albums

There is a universal delete as an option after searching song/album. See last paragraph on Page 9 of the owners manual. Hope this helps /// Neddy

Acoustic Solutions SP150

Does anyone know where I can get a circuit diagram for the SP150 or SP151 audio jukebox? I'd like to add a digital coax. output to mine if I can so I can connect it to an off-board digital-to-analogue converter. The present output level of 560mV is a bit low and has low-level background noise from the circuitry.

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