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ADC Loudspeaker Systems


All ADC speaker systems are two-way systems. This avoids the use of complex crossover networks and the resultant phase distortion.

It enables the majority of the audio spectrum to be radiated by the high frequency unit, essentially a single point source. This is the only correct and practical way to avoid beaming and random reflections with their resultant aural confusion.

Multiple speakers mounted on curved or angled surfaces indeed avoid beaming in one plane only, but produce severe phase cancellation and uneven response.

The low frequency driver is then left to do the demanding but uncomplicated job of reproducing the low and essentially undirectional portion of the spectrum.

Of course, all reproduced sound, especially stereo-phony, is to some degree a controlled illusion. However, the more accurate the reproducing chain and particularly the loudspeakers, the more satisfactory the illusion and the closer it becomes to live sound.

We believe a transducer of the accuracy of the ADC series renders unnecessary and undesirable such practices as reflecting large proportions of the sound from nearby walls, etc., which is largely motivated by an attempt to spread the apparent sound source and avoid beaming.

Like light through a decorative window, this spreads the sound around in a very pleasant manner, but is no substitute for true aural transparency.


303AX, 303B, 404A, 450A



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