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Adcom GFA-545

Stereo Power Amplifier

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Adcom GFA-545


Power output: 100 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo)

Frequency response: 10Hz to 20kHz

Total harmonic distortion: 0.04%

Damping factor: 400

Gain: 27 dB

Input sensitivity: 1.25V

Signal to noise ratio: 110dB

Semiconductors: 38 x transistors, 2 x zener diodes, 12 x diodes, 2 x IC, 2 x diode bridges

Dimensions: 138 x 432 x 310mm

Weight: 11kg



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Reviewed Nov 03rd, 2016 by bestcoast127

For scope...
I gave the brand new (as of 10/16) Marantz SR-5011 a 5.
I gave the Onkyo TX-DS939 (1999 model) a 6.5 and this ADCOM an 8. Yes the Onkyo spanked the brand new Marantz in an A/B test with 5 people testing.

OK so my ADCOM hasn't been serviced once BUT it has been babied its whole life. As in volume at 15% or less it's whole life. I would give it a 7.5 rating if I could but I can't so I give it an 8 for giving me so many years of excellent listening enjoyment. In my book a 10 is unachievable and a 9 is a TOTL Krell or the like.
THE most important part of owning ANY audio set is matching components. For most amps in the price range of a used ADCOM this is a very tough thing. For the ADCOM it's a walk in the park. I have paired it with many speakers and it can push the hardest or get the minute detail out of sensitive speakers. My favorite speakers to pair with this are older B&W 600 series. For some reason they play slightly better than similar quality speakers like KEF C series. Now, obviously, you can get better sound with $3K speakers but why would you pair it with a $200 amp? I got a couple used B&W 603 S2 speakers for $200 and the ADCOM for $150. It sounds better than everything in Best Buy Magnolia except for the Martin Logan Motion 60XLs coupled with the TOTL Marantz receiver SR-7011. That costs $4500 out the door. And the ADCOM 545 / B&W 603 sounds 85% as good for 5% of the price.

If you are looking for a cheap combo or just getting into being an audiophile check your Craigslist for ADCOMS and older B&W 600 series.

Side note: I have this running with a decent B&W ASW-1000 sub and the new Yamaha WXC-50 preamp. Sub is just ok but can def be improved. I'd like to try an SVS SB-1000 one day soon. The Yamaha is an amazing preamp you can run from a beautiful app on your phone. Has a great GUI, DAC, internet music streaming, USB (with FLAC), etc. Reason I added this was because the factor that affects the ADCOMs the most is the source. Awesome source = awesome music.



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Adcom GFA-545

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from there Heart to you Grasias Jaime Canizalez djjamthis

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