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Adcom GFA-565

Monaural Power Amplifier

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Adcom GFA-565


Your Adcom GFA-565 represents the most advanced thinking in audio amplifier design, and offers exceptional value and superior performance at a reasonable price.

Some of the outstanding features of this product include: more than 300 Watts output into an 8 ohm load, the ability to drive low impedance loads, instantaneous Distortion Alert which indicates when distortion products are above the 1% level, optional top cover with continuously variable cooling fan and optional symmetrical (balanced-line) input capability.


Power output: 300W into 8Ω (mono)

Frequency response: 10Hz to 20kHz

Total harmonic distortion: 0.02%

Damping factor: 1000

Gain: 27 dB

Input sensitivity: 2.15V

Signal to noise ratio: 115dB

Semiconductors: 47 x transistors, 6 x zener diodes, 17 x diodes, 1 x IC, 1 x diode bridges

Dimensions: 213 x 432 x 310mm

Weight: 18.7kg



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Reviewed Jul 09th, 2014 by guest

great amp but has no DC offset protection. Add it if possible. Also, Adcom J2 is a LM329DZ



re: GFA-565

Brand new input PCB's are available from Hoppesbrain along with a parts list of what's available and substitutes. I bought a pair of PCB's and they are nicely done.


Adcom's earlier reputation blinded many buyers with this amp. The GFA-565 has good quality sound (not quite Hi-End, but pretty good). Versatile with the options Adcom provided, i.e. balanced inputs, top cover cooling fan, black or white color. Sadly it was made with sub-par capacitors that leak and destroy the PC board much earlier than acceptable. Admittedly not their fault, but you still end up with a faulty amplifier. Most customers bought two for stereo and ended up with two dead costly amplifiers. Even worse, Adcom did not step up and provide an easy repair solution for it's customers. If it has not already been repaired, BEWARE! it will fail! If it has been repaired, it still might fail again as some PC boards were badly damaged and even after a very thorough cleaning and capacitor replacement will still re-fail, sometimes after months or even a few years of seemingly normal operation! The PC board becomes impregnated with the contamination and cannot be cleaned! Easy solution for Adcom would have been replacement PC boards available at cost. No financial loss to Adcom, and a great reputaion for helping customers. They did not do that however and this issue severly damaged Adcom's reputation, mostly due to their lack of customer care!

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