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Two Way Loudspeaker System

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Advent New Advent Loudspeaker


The New Advent Loudspeaker is a new version of a speaker system that for several years has been the most popular and most imitated speaker in the United States.

We have built greater high-frequency energy output into the New Advent Loudspeaker, to reflect improvements that have taken place in recording and broadcasting. But the basic idea behind it is the same.

The performance of the New Advent Loudspeaker is due in great part to some important specifics of design and construction. But the key to all of them, and to the entirely new level of value the system represents, is that it is the only loudspeaker system to exploit the full potential of two-way loudspeaker design, with no attempt to withhold anything for the sake of a more complex, expensive model.

A two-way system has basic advantages, both theoretical and practical, over any other way of designing a full-range speaker system for the home. They include:

Less interference between drivers than any other practical system, yielding more uniform characteristics over the listening area. A single speaker would be better here in theory but in real use lacks either the range or power-handling required in the 'best' category, or both.

A better transition between drivers than the three-way system, because there is no need to sharply cut off the operating range of any driver. Whether such a cut-oft is made for good reasons or simply to satisfy the arbitrary parameters of three-way design, its ill effects are audible.

One simple crossover network instead of the two more complex networks needed in a three-way system.

A cost significantly lower for excellent sound than that of an equivalent system of three-way, or any other, design.


Type: 2 way, 2 driver loudspeaker system

Power Handling: 25W

Impedance: 8Ω

Sensitivity: 89dB

Year: 1979



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Reviewed Oct 02nd, 2019 by justice23

Outstanding speakers. Better than most 3-way speakers where some of the subtler tones are lost between the mids and the highs, and lows. They have very clear smooth highs with no semblance with sold mids and very full bass. These are very similar to the Dynaco A25 with the same quality and specs.



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re: New Advent Loudspeaker

I have a pair of New Advent Loudspeakers that I purchased new about 40 years ago. Currently they are connected to an Onkyo TX-8522 acquired at a garage sale for $5. This Onkyo has a phono pre-amp so I can connect my vintage Pioneer turntable. I moved this arrangement to a 'listening room' when I completed a 5.1 surround system for the TV using Definitive speakers.

A few years ago, I noticed a scratchy sound from one of the speakers and on removal of the grills, I discovered that the foam surrounds had deteriorated. I call this phenomenon "The Andromeda Strain" because in the movie by the same name, the crypto-parasite decomposed the rubber oxygen mask on a pilot and attacked organic material. The polyurethane light seals in my film cameras suffered this same disease as well as various earphone cushions and waterproofing coatings on pack bags.

Anyway, I would encourage owners of Advent or other vintage classics to repair them by replacing the foam surrounds on the woofers. I located a repair kit on the Internet and now the speakers are good as new. There are professional speaker repair options available as well. I repaired a pair of classic Bose speakers for a friend as well and with good result. The next thing I will look into is replacing the capacitors in the cross-over networks. I have read that the originals might suffer from poor quality and degrade performance. I only learned of this after repairing the woofers, so maybe this is something to do if you have the woofers out for repair.

re: New Advent Loudspeaker

I have a pair of the New Advent A4 loudspeakers that are all original working perfectly, but no schematic. I also have a pair of bookshelf Advent 3 speakers. The New Advent loudspeakers I purchased recently in used form. Hours of labor went in cleaning the cabinet. Then more hours to refinish the veneer, contacts, and carefully touch up the front. Then construct new grills from a sheet of Masonite and new cloth and reattach original badges. The old grills were disgusting, even after I cleaned them five times using different cleaning methods such as soaking in baby powder, automotive degreaser, bathroom scum remover, Dawn dish soap, and Simple Green. Now these heavy speakers look new.
I will attest to the Advent sound. It is soothing and pleasing to the ear making it easy to listen to over long periods of time and no fatigue. These speakers are good! They play all music well. I listen to a lot of heavy metal, grindcore, techno, classical, and bluegrass on 8-track, cassette tapes, records and some CD's. Analog sounds better for obvious reasons.

As to Advent vs. AR.....the AR3's are some nice sounding speakers if you have $1,000. The Advent sound a tad less better and cost around $600 less (or get two pairs and stack'em I heard was all the rage back in the day.) and they are 8 ohm.
Two different worlds at the same time for people to nit pick. Get both. You decide.

re: New Advent Loudspeaker

Hi, any body have advent loudspeaker A4 and the smaller advent crossover schematic ? please help
Thank you

re: New Advent Loudspeaker

Looking to find the technical characteristics of the speakers the Advent / 1 let someone help me.
thank you very much

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re: New Advent Loudspeaker

I picked up a pair of these speakers at my local Goodwill for $11.00 that needed re-foaming. Ebay search had a re-foaming kit for $29.00, an easy fix. I just picked up again at the Goodwill a Sony TA 1150 amplifier for $3.50. It nicknamed "The Mac Kill" because it was said to be as good if not better than the McIntosh amplifiers of the time. Together these sound great. The Advents Loudspeakers and the Dynaco 25A speakers were the best of the 70s.

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re: New Advent Loudspeaker

So cool. I just found out that my father has/ soon to be had a pair in orig. box, etc in storage. He bought them in the 70's? I remember them and look forward to testing them with either my carver seperates, Onkyo or Denon receivers. Love the vintage look.

Anyone know the history behind the development team (er) of these, aka what they were modeled after, etc.

Take care

re: New Advent Loudspeaker

From what I remember, the Advent loudspeakers were designed by Henry Kloss and Andy Kotsatos (?). Besides the midrange/tweeter made in house, the main innovation was to choose the crossover network to adjust for the drivers (speakers), and not to just cross over power between drivers at some frequency or another. This required hours of listening to the same music over and over, and comparing it to other versions and other loudspeakers. Andy picked the most pleasing sound possible on a wide range of recordings with the crossover components adjusted, and the speakers were a big success.

Another innovation was to balance the sound so it would sound good lined up on a low shelf with other speakers, much like one would find in a hi-fi store. This meant not in a corner or along a solid wall.

They also designed a loudspeaker A-B switch box system for hi-fi stores that included level adjustments for each speaker to remove the obvious level changes caused by differing speaker efficiencies (the Advents traded efficiency for balance). It was a major marketing accomplishment that these A-B boxes were adopted by almost all Advent dealers.

re: New Advent Loudspeaker

As I recall, and it's been awhile, The Advents were to improve the sonic characteristics of the AR 3a (Accoustic Research) and price point, which were the standard medium size speaker system of the day. I didn't care for them. I started with a pair of Dynaco A-25's to go with my Dynaco Tuner and Integrated 40+40 watt amplifier kits (both bang for the buck at the time) and later upgraded my speakers to the Advent, a very ear pleasing choice. I have repaired both the Dynaco A-25's and the Advents successfully, however, years of use, possibly humidy and the nature of foam surrounds took their toll and I've moved on. I remember them fondly though.

re: New Advent Loudspeaker

Love the Dynaco I have the 25A and my original 35A that I bought in 1975

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