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Akai M-9

Cross Field Head Four Track Stereophonic Tape Recorder

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Akai M-9


Track system: 4-track, 2-channel, stereo/monaural system

Heads: 1 x record/playback, 1 x erase, 1 x bias

Motor: 2 speed hysteresis synchronous

Reel size: up to 7 inch reel

Equalization: NARTB

Tape speeds: 1 78  3 34  7 12 ips

Wow and flutter: 0.1% (7 12 ips)

Frequency response: 30Hz to 23kHz (7 12 ips)

Signal to Noise Ratio: 50dB

Input: 60mV (line), 0.5mV (mic)

Output power: 15 watts

Speakers: 2 x 4"

Semiconductors: 20 x transistors, 4 x thermistors, 4 x rectifiers

Dimensions: 508 x 340 x 240mm

Weight: 19kg

Note: optional 15ips adaptor kit



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Reviewed Mar 23rd, 2018 by jberenyi

I just got one of these babies for free from the original owner who hand carried in Vietnam to the barracks for 5 miles! He babied this gem till his passing and gave it to me. It still plays very nicely. Hopefully some day I will get it check out for cleaning and service needs but for now it works fine. Thanks to all who loaded the manuals!

Reviewed Apr 01st, 2015 by jagper54321

I have owned an M9 ( since I was in the Army in Panama in 1969). It worked well for many years and has been passed along to several family members over time. I recently re-owned the unit and find it has developed some attitude. Doesn't sound as well as it did and several of the control knobs are missing. Biggest issue is when listening to a tape, sometimes the take up reel will stop and a great pile of tape develops on the floor (music doesn't stop because the feed reel continues) Real problem, any ideas from anyone are welcome.

Recently purchased another unit for parts and we'll see what I can do. If all else fails, guess I will splurge on a working unit and have 3!! Where is the best place to get repair parts?

Reviewed Sep 02nd, 2014 by goldeni

I own this machine.
Beautiful sounding recordings when restored and properly set up.
Use high quality tape and keep those heads clean.



re: M-9 Self oscillating


I picked up an M-9 recently - on power up, it self oscillates to the point of pinning the meters, with one channel lagging slightly behind the other. The video link below is a demonstration. Any ideas on what could be the issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


re: M-9 Self oscillating

Try spray cleaning the record/playback switch . Then work the play/record control several times. Good luck !

re: M-9

I recently inherited an Akai M9 and was very very excited to try recording. I purchased a new reel and was able to get one take of a song recorded. After dumping the audio to digital and setting up to try a second take the VU meters are reading no input and it seems I have lost signal. Can anyone suggest a repair? Or anything to help with this mater.


Just picked up one of these at an estate sale. it played fine for about 10 minutes then the tape speed slowed to a stop. it won't run now. the motor is quite warm. Is this deck dead or can it be fixed? I'm told the large 2uf/0.8uf capacitor could be the problem. if so any ideas on availability of a replacement? thanks very much..

re: M-9

I have an M-7. I'm assuming the speed controls are similar to the m-9. It says that I can play tape at 1 7/8 ips by setting the speed to slow and running tape with the capstan disengaged. How do you play without engaging the capstan?

Also, if anyone has a manual for the M-7 I'd love to see it.

recordrascal's picture

770x ss

The M9 looks like the Akai version of my new Roberts 770x ss.
I was lucky and picked it up off craigslist for $25 from a local high school.
When I called I was instructed to meet what turned out to be the Band Director and the Choir Director at the rear door of the music room.
These guys were both in their 20s and obviously had no respect for the Roberts (called it a Rogers in their ad). They seemed pleasantly suprised that I didn't try to negotiate a lower price when they couldn't produce a tape to try it with.
When I got it home and could really look it over I couldn't believe what a jewel I had. It looks like I just picked it up from the factory and except that it won't go into record mode ( hopeing to fix that) and the 15ips attachment is missing (of course) it functions flawlessly. I can only imagine that it was serviced sometime in the last 10 to 15 years and was obviously in the hands of people who cared. It was an unbelievable find and so far I have played it every day since purchasing it.
If anyone has a suggestion on the. Record problem I would love to hear it.

The record safety button seems to do nothing, the selector will enter record mode with or without it but even so it doesn't erase the previous track and of course won't record.

re: 770x ss

you also have to push in the button and then take it to record

re: 770x ss

I had a Roberts 997 older then the one you have
the issue of record is most likely dirty contacts try cleaning them

record levels

When trying to set the record levels on my M-9 i hear a The speakers crackle really bad. This also happens when adjusting the vol. levels. Is there any thing i can do to fix this problem?
Thanks in advance

sounds like dirty pots

get some DeOxit and spray out the pots. if it's been in a humid environment (stored in damp crawl) there is probably oxidation in there; if it isn't too bad, the deoxit works like a charm.

Service Manual Akai M 9

Many thanks 2 the team once again 4 uploading the service manual 4 the Akai M9. U guys are super. Your dedication @ commitment is much appreciated. All the best to the team.

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AKAI M-9 Reel to Reel Service Manual

Could someone in the group upload the Service Manual for the Akai M-9 Reel to Reel Tape Recorder?

Beboper57's picture

AKAI M-9 Reel to Reel Service Manual

Thank you all for providing the user and sevice manuals. I can now hopefully resurrect my M-9.

re: AKAI M-9 Reel to Reel Service Manual

Did u get ur m9 resurrected? On having problems. With the mute switch and the channel switch can any 1 help me?

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