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  • Akai Magazine 1973

    1721W, 1730D-SS, 1800D-SS, 280D-SS, 4000DS, AA-5200, AA-5500, AA-5800, AA-6100, AA-8030, AA-8080, AS-8100S, CR-81, CR-81T, CS-35, CS-55, GX-1900D, GX-221D, GX-280D, GX-365, GX-370D, GX-M11D, GXC-40, GXC-40T, GXC-46, GXC-65D, SS-1, ST-100, ST-200, ST-300, ST-400, SW-121A, SW-131A, SW-155, SW-161, SW-170A, SW-30, SW-35, VC-115, VTS-110, X-165D, X-1810D, X-2000SD, X-201D

    Year: 1973

  • Akai Magazine 1974

    1721W, 1730D-SS, 1800D-SS, 4000DS, AA-5200, AA-5500, AA-5800, AA-910, AA-910DB, AA-920, AA-930, AA-940, ADM-12, ADM-8, AH-8, AK-700, AP-002, AP-004, AS-980, ASE-11, ASE-20, ASE-22, AT-550, AT-580, CCS-150, CR-81, CR-81T, CS-30D, CS-33D, CVC-150, DM-13, GX-1820D, GX-1900D, GX-210D, GX-221D, GX-280D-SS, GX-285D, GX-370D, GX-400D, GX-400D Pro, GXC-36, GXC-38, GXC-41, GXC-46, GXC-65D, GXR-82, PHA-1, RF Adaptor, SS-1, ST-101, ST-201, ST-301, ST-401, SW-121A, SW-131A, SW-155, SW-161, SW-30, SW-35, TV Tuner, UM-101, VC-110, VC-115, VCA-600, VT-700, VTS-100, VTS-110, X-201D

    Year: 1974

  • Akai Magazine 1975

    1722W, 1730D-SS, 202D-SS, 4000DB, 4000DS, AA-5200, AA-5210, AA-5210DB, AA-5500, AA-5510, AA-5800, AA-910, AA-910DB, AA-920, AA-930, AA-940, ACM-100, ACM-200, ACM-300, ADM-20, ADM-40, ADM-60, ADM-80, AK-700, AP-002, AP-004, AP-2, AS-3, AS-960, AS-980, ASE-11, ASE-20, ASE-22, AT-550, AT-580, ATR-10, ATR-7M, CCS-150, CHC-400, CHC-601A, CS-30, CS-30D, CS-33D, CVR-150, DC-11, DC-1730, DC-220, DC-250, DC-370, DC-40, DC-44, GCX-510D, GX-1820D, GX-210D, GX-280D-SS, GX-286, GX-286D, GX-286DB, GX-400D, GX-400D Pro, GX-400D-SS, GX-4400D, GX-600DB, GXC-38, GXC-38D, GXC-46, GXC-46D, GXC-65, GXC-65D, GXC-75D, GXR-82, GXR-82D, HC-500, LT-1, OTR-7, RC-16, RC-17, RH-10, ST-101, ST-20, ST-201, ST-2A, ST-301, ST-401, SW-30, SW-35, SW-42, VTS-100, VTS-100S, VTS-110 de luxe, VTS-120, X-201D

    Year: 1975

  • Akai Magazine 1976

    1722L, 1722W, 1730D-SS, 202D-SS, 4000DB, 4000DS mkII, AA-1010, AA-1010DB, AA-1020, AA-1020DB, AA-1030, AA-1040, AA-1050, AA-5210, AA-5210DB, AA-5510, AA-5810, AA-810, AA-810DBL, ACM-100, ACM-200, ACM-300, ADM-20, ADM-40, ADM-60, ADM-80, AK-700, AP-001, AP-001C, AP-003, AP-005, AP-2, AS-1070, AS-1080DB, AS-3, ASE-11, ASE-20, ASE-22, ASE-30, AT-550, AT-580, CHC-400, CS-34, CS-34D, CT-5LE, DC-1722, DC-210, DC-220, DC-230, DC-250, DC-310, DC-34, DC-39, DC-40, DC-44, DC-75, GX-210D, GX-230D, GX-265D, GX-270D, GX-280D-SS, GX-4400D, GX-630D, GX-630D Pro, GX-630D-SS, GX-630DB, GX-650D, GXC-310, GXC-310D, GXC-325D, GXC-39, GXC-39D, GXC-510D, GXC-570D, GXC-710D, GXC-740D, GXC-75D, GXC-760D, GXR-82D, HC-500, RC-16, RC-17, SA-1000, SA-1200, SA-800, ST-2, ST-20, SW-30, SW-35, VC-70, VCS-150, VTS-100S, VTS-110, VTS-120, VTS-150, X-201D

    Year: 1976

  • Akai Magazine 1976-1977

    1722W, 4000DS mkII, AA-1010, AA-1010DB, AA-1010L, AA-1020, AA-1020DB, AA-1020L, AA-1030, AA-1030L, AA-1040, AA-1050, AM-2200, AM-2400, AM-2600, AM-2800, AP-001, AP-001C, AP-003, AP-005, AP-006, AP-007, AS-1070, AS-1080DB, AS-3, AT-2200, AT-2200L, AT-2400, AT-2600, CR-83D, CS-34, CS-34D, CS-705D, CS-707D, GX-210D, GX-230D, GX-265D, GX-270D, GX-270D-SS, GX-4400D, GX-630D, GX-630D Pro, GX-630D-SS, GX-630DB, GX-650D, GXC-325D, GXC-39, GXC-39D, GXC-570D, GXC-710D, GXC-730D, GXC-740D, GXC-760D, RC-17, RC-18, RC-4CH, SA-1000, SA-1200, SA-800, ST-2, X-201D

    Year: 1976-1977



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re: Magazine

Thank you

re: Magazine

Thanks, I found the model I use to own! 1800 ss I sold for way too cheap years ago.

re: Magazine

!!!!!!!!!Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!

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