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Akai Products


  • Akai Products 1977

    4000DB, 4000DS mkII, AA-1010, AA-1020, AA-1030, AA-1040, AA-1050, AC-3500L, AC-3800L, AM-2200, AM-2400, AM-2600, AM-2800, AP-001C, AP-003C, AP-006C, AP-007C, AS-1070, AS-1080DB, AT-2200, AT-2400, AT-2600, CS-34D, CS-702D, CS-705D, CS-707D, GX-215D, GX-630D, GX-650D, GXC-39D, GXC-570D, GXC-710D, GXC-730D, GXC-740D, GXC-760D, SR-1025, SR-1040, SR-1050, SR-1080

    Year: 1977

  • Akai Products 1982

    ACM-100, ACM-50P, ADM-25P, AH-20, AM-U110, AM-U210, AM-U310, AM-U41, AM-U61, AP-B110C, AP-D210C, AP-L45C, AP-L95C, AP-Q310C, AP-Q41C, ASE-45, ASE-5, ASE-55, AT-K110, AT-S210, AT-S61, CS-F12, CS-F14, CS-F21, CS-F330T, CS-F39R, DT-110E, DT-220E, DT-320E, EA-G30, EA-G90, GX-4000D, GX-625, GX-636, GX-747, GX-77D, GX-F31, GX-F51, GX-F66RC, GX-F71, GX-F91, GX-F95, MM-77, Pro-E41, Pro-S11, Pro-S23, Pro-S31, SK-750, SR-S38, SR-S48, SR-S58, SR-S68, V-2EG, VA-77, VC-61, VC-90, VC-X2E, VP-77, VS-10EG, VS-5, VU-77

    Year: 1982



Akai CS705D Stereo Cassette Deck

Please tell me where I can order a flat drive belt for my nice cassette deck. Thank you.

Terry Horne

rubber belt

hello terry ,
you can try ebay to search for a rubber belt:

greetings from germany

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