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Allison Acoustics Loudspeakers


Eight, Electronic Subwoofer, Five, Four, Nine, One, Seven, Six, Three, Two

Year: 1982



re: Loudspeakers MS-205

I acquired a pair of Alison Acoustics Inc. model MS-205 speakers. Dimensions are about 10x6x5 inches. Two-way speakers, I think. The grills are very difficult to remove, yet alone put back on and keeping shape. The speakers are very pleasant sounding with a detailed tone. For their size they are darn heavy.
These small bookshelf/ surround sound speakers have zero to little info on the Internet. I will upload a photo for the gallery.
Anyone know anything about these MS-205 speakers?

re: Loudspeakers MS-205

They were a satellite system designed for use w really good passive subs also made AA, chiefly the cube SW1 or something close to that. V good.
The chief problem w the sat is that the sunken mounting and hard deep edges of the cabinet create a little bit of ripple in the response, not a problem if you are far away, but could be better if you are close.
The fact that the famous tweeter is the airiest (most widely dispersing) ever made makes the problem a bit worse.
It is possible that the surrounds need refoaming, and I think there are few kits for that small size, so best to send it out, maybe.
Anyway, if you get them working fine and want to keep them, maybe consider filling in the cabinet front w caulk or something similar (mortite?) to make a nice smooth baffle. I never had trouble w the grills, although friction-fit grills are always tough at the corners.
The tweeter was / is unbelievably good, regardless, and Roy Allison was pleased w the OEM woofer (really a mid) and the system, provided you were not up close.

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