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Altec Lansing Musical Sound Equipment


Music is art. Creativity. Personality. But to become art, it must be shared. And for an artist to share his music with others requires exacting, accurate, reliable sound equipment. Equipment designed to be part of the musical experience. Tools in the artist's hands.

At Altec, we produce many kinds of equipment for the professional musician. All of it with Altec's
inherently high standards of quality in design and manufacture.

When it comes to guitar speakers, there are no finer available. Pure truth. Ask the pros.

Altec control consoles and power amplifiers have the tightest specifications of any in the industry. Their modular construction not only ensures hassle-free service, but uniform quality from unit to unit. No hand wiring or cold solder joints the end effect super reliability.


1204B, 1208B, 1211A, 1214A, 1215A, 1217A, 1218A, 1219B, 1220AC, 1221A, 1224A, 1225A, 417-8H II, 418-8H II, 421-8H II, 425-8H II, 9477B, UDS-100, UDS-101, UMS-100, UMS-101, UMS-102, UMS-103



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re: Musical Sound Equipment

This catalogue is 1975 edition.

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