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APT Corporation Holman

Stereo Pre Amplifier (1978-79)

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APT Corporation Holman


Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz

Total harmonic distortion: 0.005%

Input sensitivity: 5mV (MM), 320mV (line)

Signal to noise ratio: 78dB (MM), 106dB (line)

Output: 2V (Pre out), 7V (Pre out Max)

Dimensions: 382 x 79 x 208mm

Weight: 4.8kg

Year: 1979



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Reviewed Sep 20th, 2019 by ltcashdo

I have had the APT amp and preamp since they first came out, they are both going strong over 40 years.
I love the feature rich preamp and the phono stage is smooth and full, very quiet indeed. The amp handles even the most demanding passages with ease, example is the Telarc 1812! I have no plans to upgrade these in the future. Very satisfied for the little cash outlay by todays standards.

Reviewed Jul 18th, 2017 by 0ldFart

I just bought an APT Holman pre-amp on Ebay, based on the units reputation of having a very good phono section. I'm LP heavy on my music playback. I replaced a Parasound Zphono running into an HK Citation 17s pre-amp with the APT pre-amp. The APT Holman noise floor is noticeably lower and all my LPs sound better. More detail, fuller, smoother sound. A very competent pre-amp. Pretty much a bargain for the performance it delivers.

The rest of my playback system is an Avid Diva 11 turntable with a Jelco D750 arm and an Ortofon MC 1 Turbo cartridge. Running a pair of Macintosh MC 40 mono block tube amps with 6550 output tubes replacing the 6L6s. Speakers are JBL L-60T, 10 inch 3-way.

Reviewed Mar 17th, 2016 by Mrwidget

Wow! I have had an APT Holman pre amp for over a decade and never realized it was such a hallowed device. I use it weekly to play cassettes on my Sony dual cassette player and Technics turntable that has a six LP automatic changer.

I am not a total dinosaur - I also use iTunes and an Apple TV to to play songs on an Onkyo whole home sound system

I have the user manual for the APT Holman but have never scanned it. I could if anyone needs it. Let me know by posting here or emailing me

Reviewed Mar 24th, 2014 by Chickenwatt

This is the first or one of the first build by Tomlinson Holman the founder of THX wich was Tomlinson Holman and George Lucas Film asosiation.
It was one of the more versatile preamps on the market in 1979 for its several inputs, external procesor loop and phono dajustable capacitance.

Reviewed Mar 03rd, 2014 by evanonefive

Great phono section, dual outputs, tone controls are well executed. No transients, cool looking, and the owners manual is a beautiful thing, something for others to live up to.



re: Holman

I would also greatly appreciate a copy of the owner's manual if anyone has it. Thanks.

re: Holman

Add my plea for the owner's manual to be posted. This is a feature heavy amp, and understanding how some of the controls should be used is not simple.

re: Holman preamp

I could use an owners manual I want to know if it can use an MC cart without a preamp

re: Holman preamp

According to the service manual the MC input board for Phono input 2 was an optional extra.

re: Holman preamp

I believe AudioPro has them for sale.

re: Holman

Does anyone have the owners manual for the APT Holman Preamplifier?

re: Holman

Yes I have the ownwers manual

re: Holman

Hello Chickenwatt,
Recently acquired apt preamp and owners manual would be deeply appreciated if still available. Thanks in advance.

re: Holman

I also have this holman preamp and could really use an owners manual, don't quite understand how to use all the functions. Could I also get a copy of this manual?

gjakub's picture

re: Holman service manual

Hi Mr. Chcikenwatt: Would you be willing to post the Apt Holman pre-amp user manual on HF Engine or otherwise share it? I just acquired this unit and I really like it but need to learn how to use it's unusual controls. Thanks.

Greg J

re: Holman service manual

did you ever get a copy of an owners manual for this holman preamp? If you did could I get a copy of it also?

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