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Audiolab 8000A

60W Stereo Integrated Amplifier

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Audiolab 8000A


Power output: 60 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo)

Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz

Total harmonic distortion: 0.05%

Input sensitivity: 0.11mV (MC), 2mV (MM), 100mV (line)

Signal to noise ratio: 75dB (MC), 78dB (MM), 80dB (line)

Channel separation: 60dB (line)

Output: 100mV (line), 0.7V (Pre out)

Speaker load impedance: 4Ω to 16Ω

Dimensions: 445 x 74 x 335mm

Weight: 7.6kg

Price: GBP £410 (1991)



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Reviewed Aug 17th, 2017 by Alchemist_8

Simply simple.
And simply brilliant.
However, make sure the rear connections don't fall apart. Apart from that, a wonderful British amp deserving of all it's praise.

Reviewed Nov 12th, 2016 by John Barry

Just replaced 4 RCA connections and cleaned it up after 10 years and it sounds sweet as ever.

Reviewed May 02nd, 2016 by FV Pete

Even after so long, the amp sounds great, much better at vocals than other amps I have around the house, and a rock solid hold the Kef Q35's in use. Will try and make some IPL transmissions in next year or so and see how this map behaves.

The only problem has been the usual falling apart of phono sockets, but just replaced them with non-standard phonos. Not noticed any changed in sounds and the new phonos should last for ever

Reviewed Sep 28th, 2015 by Jabof 33

I've been using my 8000A for more than 25 years & cannot fault it.

It is dead reliable and almost completely transparent (to my ears).

The dual MM/MC inputs are a boon and mean you can achieve the ' straight wire with gain' ultimate, whatever your cartridge.

It produces a clarity I have not found elsewhere, with an integrated and stable sound stage. It gives the top end 'sparkle' and the bottom end real boots.

I know from reading the various tests in the 'comics' at the time that it is very tolerant of loudspeaker load and will give you hours of fun, whatever your favourite boxes are.

The multiple connects and dubbing facility are the final piece of the jigsaw and make this amp a real pleasure to use.

I understand that Audiolab have been subject to a recent(ish) management buyout from TAG-McLaren and that this amp is STILL in production.

Buy one, you won't regret it.



Audiolab 8000A

I'm trying to find info on separating the pre and power amp stages for the version of amp I have.
Its a 8000a serial number 207096792 issue 8 serial number revision D the info supplied here only goes up to issue 5.

800A Fuse Type T


I have an 8000a serial # 8710131 vintage early 90's

We had a power surge and it will not longer power on.

I have lifted the top cover and cannot locate the T3 15amp fuse as delineated on the back panel adjacent to the power cable slot.

There does not appear to be a socket, slot or inline fuse holder..

Am I missing something?

Thank you for any insight you can provide.

How to use it as an Power Amp only?

In the manual it says "a simple modification" I have it open in front of me but can not see "what" I am supposed to modify. My 8000A has an nasty fault on the "direct" switch that brings raw power (a lot of it) direct to the speakers, luckily until now it did not happen at high levels (which I now avoid), so I got hold of an Hitachi HCA 7500 and I want to use this as Pre-Amp.
Thanks for any comments.

Audiolab 8000A

The procedure for converting to separate pre/power sections is given in section 6 of the service manual.


It says to remove "Resistors

It says to remove "Resistors R711+R712", can I use them to for "R713+714"?

Service Manual

That depends? Is your 8000A PCB issue 4? Will the de soldered resistors fit in the new position? Do you need DC blocking capacitors? If in doubt I'd fit capacitors as described in the service manual.


I will go ahead and use the

I will go ahead and use the Capacitors, in case somebody is wondering why I want to "mutilate" this piece of art of British engineering, I can not get it fixed because I am in the Philippines and it is very costly to ship it to England.
Thanks for your input...


Many thanks for posting. I've just bought an 8000A to team up with a pair of early Mission 751's that were sitting unloved. Time to dust off the turntable :)


Don't forget you can connect two pairs of speakers at the same time.


I have one of these set up with Wharfedale EVO-40s. It is indeed a great Integrated amp. I have a DENON turntable connected to the MM input and it sounds well enough not to get too tired after many hours of listening.
Now Im looking for a pair older and smaller speakers to add to this system so I could have better or maybe nostalgic low volume listening - Open to suggestions - The EVo-40s need to be listened to in higher volumes in order to show their true potential.

I also set one up in a store about ten years ago with a couple of Kef speakers. It has been working every day for about 10 hours a day for 10 years under different sales persons. The only thing that has happened to it is that the black paint on the top around the volume ring has rubbed away. The Kefs I have to say seem to sound better than the EVO-40s.

Audiolab 8000A

I've just uploaded the instruction manual/user guide for this amp.

Thank you for the upload

I would like to say thanks to mikeos1 for uploading the manual. I had been looking for this for years on the net.

audiolab 8000A

this file is not the user manual, is the service diagram
how to get the user manual???

Audiolab 8000A


The download is of the power amp only.
Is there a schematic of the pre stages?


Audiolab 8000A second version schematics

I can post schematics (pdf or jpg) of the all amp and preamp of the second version of the 8000A. I only have to find the way to do it !
I do not have the user manual, sorry. I personnaly wonder what are the use of the two phono MM entry "in" and "load". If you have an answer, you're wellcome !
Sorry for poor english, I post from France.


do you have the preamp schematics for the 8000a

Audiolab 8000A pre-amp schematic

Hi HD,
I am trying to cure an 8000A of radio frequency breakthrough and would appreciate a copy of the pre-amp circuit if you have one. Can you load it to this site please?

phono mm input and load

Hi, the phono mm input is where you connect the output L/R from your turntable. THe load is where you put a resistor in an rca connector eg 1K ohm etc to tailor the sound to your liking.....both loads for left and right channel have to be of the same value.....

Pre amp

I have a faulty MC input so I would be very grateful if you could post preamp.

Thanks in advance

You could sent me a private email if you prefer.

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