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Bang and Olufsen Beocenter 7700

Integrated Music System (1982-88)

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Bang and Olufsen Beocenter 7700


This new Beosystem 7700 from Bang & Olufsen means that you now have a music system which gives you Hi-Fi sound of excellent quality with the Minimum of operating problems.

The system consists of the Beocenter 7700 and Master Control Panel 7700. You can play records, tapes and AM/FM radio just by pressing a single button, either the Beocenter 7700 or if you prefer to control the system from your armchair, on the Master Control Panel.

And nothing is left to chance. Every time you touch a button the Beosystem tells you what's going to happen. And it tells you clearly, so that even at a distance you're never in any doubt as to whether your instructions have been received or not.

Whether you want music in one room or in a number of rooms, the Beosystem 7700 will satisfy your music requirements for many years to come.


Type: Music Centre

Formats: turntable, tape, tuner

Power output: 30 watts per channel into 8Ω

Frequency response: 20Hz to 30kHz

Total harmonic distortion: 0.1%

Dimensions: 770 x 95 x 280mm

Weight: 16.5kg

Year: 1982



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Reviewed Apr 01st, 2018 by Chicago Keri

I acquired my Beocenter 7700 as a basket case last year, with major mechanical, electrical and cosmetic issues, along with an even worse example as a parts donor.

After much research and effort involving a nearly complete mechanical and electrical overhaul, everything is now working quite well and the BeoCenter is looking and sounding fantastic. Normally, I used to keep the regular stereo in a closet because it's ugly but the Beocenter is rightfully on display.

Many thanks to HiFiEngine for making the service manual available, without which this project would have been much more difficult.
This was a complex project, involving replacing all of the electrolytic capacitors and several electronic parts (after determining the most suitable modern replacements), rebuilding the tape deck, and overhauling the turntable and tape deck drive motors. The spare display is undergoing modification and overhaul for the inevitable LED segment and incandescent bulb failure.

Also, many thanks are due to BeoLover's blog for his expertise and of course to beoparts.com and soundsmith.com for many of the essential parts. Of course the majority of standard electronic parts came from Mouser and DigiKey.

Reviewed Sep 07th, 2014 by rcvs12

I bought, and still use, my 7700 in 1981-82 and had the speakers rebuilt in 2010 by Repair Solutions in Los Angeles 323.666.4161. The sound is spectacular. The remote functions perfectly and the only age related problems that I have are that the Cassette tape player slowed down to a stop and has not functioned for around 8 years as well as a broken plastic hinge point (on the right) on the cover lift mechanism over the cassette and radio functions.
I had it packed away in all of its original boxes (yes) for approximately 6 years and took it out not long ago. Now I am faced with numerous LEDS (?) in the front read out that are not functioning but they were when I repackaged it. Also, the connecting points on the record cover have come unglued so that when I open it the stainless top opens but the smoked plastic stays put. Now looking for someone to repair it for me. But, still, such a stunningly attractive system after all of these years and meant to be seen!



Beocenter 7700 manual

Thank You very much for giving the opportunity to see (and copy) the owner´s manual. That´s invaluable. You should have all honor for this initiative.

I don´t know if You have the possibility of answering questions but I think I have to give it a try:
Where could I possibly get information to make me able to examine the cassette player of my B&O 7700 that does not work. It just receives the cassette, grabs it and then shuts off. Broken drive belt ? Are there service manuals accessible anywhere ?

Many thanks and all the best for the future

Hans Lindberg

re: Beocenter 7700 manual

If you are still interested, or for anyone else needing to rebuild the cassette deck of their BeoCenter 7700, Beolover has excellent repair tutorials on this style deck which is used in other Band & Olufsen products. Better, some of the essential parts are still available from other enthusiasts mentioned in Beolover's blog.
One of several repair tutorial here: http://beolover.blogspot.com/2016/12/beocord-9000-identifying-repairs.html
beoparts.com has the essential rubber parts you need for this deck.

Beocenter 7700

The Beocenter 7700 is still a beautifully styled and enduring piece even by today's standards. This is a great site. Thanks for the manual download.

Beocenter 7700

The 7700 still sounds great and draws positive comments from all who lay eyes on it!
Hats Off to HiFi engine for making the manual available.

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