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BSR 4000XR

Computer Memory Frequency Equalizer / Analyser

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BSR 4000XR


The BSR model 4000XR combines a microprocessor-controlled 12-band equalizer, a real-time analyzer, a pink-noise generator, and a sound pressure-level meter into one handsomely styled unit (and it comes with a calibrated microphone).

Since operation is electronic, a computerized memory system has been incorporated so up to four equalizer settings can be memorized.

Some of the advanced features of the model 4000XR include:

Large fluorescent multi-function display

Flat-surface, illuminated, soft-touch control keys instead of traditional press switches

A sharp and inaudible infrasonic filter.

Remote control capability including a wireless infrared remote control transmitter that duplicates almost all control functions of the model 4000XR


Input Sensitivity: 5V (max)

Output Level: 5V (max)

Gain: ± 1dB

Frequency response: 5Hz to 100kHz

Signal to Noise Ratio: 100dB

Total harmonic distortion: 0.008%

Control Range: ± 12dB

Frequency Bands: 25, 40, 63, 100, 160, 250, 500, 1K, 2K, 4K, 8K, 16KHz

Dimensions: 435 x 88 x 302mm

Weight: 4.8kg

Accessories: remote control, microphone



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Reviewed Jan 12th, 2015 by RTM

Judging by Ebay prices, I'd say the secret is out now about this surprise uppercut to the never-all-that-over-distinguished-realm of high quality EQ's. It gives all indications of being (despite its mail order provenance-if the name DAK Industries means anything, you'll know what I mean) an only slightly streamlined version of the same company's (DBX and BSR were the same company at the time, as was ADC) hideously expensive DBX 20/20. It actually outperforms the specs of the 20/20 in some ways. It is also an approximate equivalent of the very fine ADC 525x. Of the bunch, the EQ-4000XR was, by FAR the best audio component that was ever sold by DAK, followed closely by its also very fine EQ-3000. If you're looking for an EQ and don't need 1/3 octave capabilities across the spectrum, this is THE one to own. There was a Pioneer that was about as quiet (SG-9500/9800) and not too many others (short of something like the Cello Audio Pallete, which can't compete on a cost/benefit analysis) that had this much bang for the buck. I own three, and they've all held up. The only quirk that I've found is the bulb behind the BSR trademark lens. I own three and two have burned out. It is not easy to find a good substitute. After a time, I just let the bulb stay burned out on those two. The Schematic should show what voltage bulb should work. I just never got around to it, because the Fluorescent display serves the same function.

Reviewed Feb 12th, 2014 by mrstan

This is a spectacular looking equalizer and gives great control of the frequencies as well. With an LED level meter for each frequency and left-right selectable.. it just looks sophisticated and greatly improves the sound landscape... Best add-on that I ever bought for my stereo...



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