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BSR EQ-14/14XR

14 Band Stereo Graphic Equalizer

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BSR EQ-14/14XR


BSR is proud to provide the ultimate value in design and development of a 14-band graphic equalizer, the EQ14/14XR, with a real-time frequency analyzer for superior sound analysis.

The EQ14/14XR uses a fluorescent indicator, which displays the response with 14 individual bands and one average band, to analyze your sound source frequencies and room acoustics.

Audiophiles and music enthusiasts like yourself look forward to enjoying the highest possible degree of sound quality when listening to their favorite music. Simply using expensive, high-quality components, however, does not in itself guarantee that the listener will obtain this level of sound quality.

A wide variety of factors, including the nature of the listening environment and the placement of speakers, greatly affect the acoustic quality of any music system. Things like hard floors and walls reflect sound, while the people in the room and things like carpets and drapes absorb sound.

To optimize the acoustic quality of your music system, BSR has developed the ultimate component in audio measuring equipment: the new EQ14/14XR stereo graphic equalizer with a real-time frequency analyzer.

The EQ14/14XR, which combines a graphic equalizer and a spectrum analyzer into one unit, offers the listener positive visual confirmation of all sound adjustments as they are made. The fluorescent display gives visual indications of all frequencies as well as showing the average response.

A high-quality, calibrated, electret condenser microphone, developed exclusively for making pink noise measurements, is included with your EQ14/14XR. In addition to the excellent styling, your EQ14/14XR has been carefully engineered to give you trouble-free performance and many years of listening enjoyment.


Input Sensitivity: 150mV

Output Level: 150mV (5V max)

Frequency response: 10Hz to 100kHz

Signal to Noise Ratio: 90dB

Total harmonic distortion: 0.01%

Channel separation: 65dB

Control Range: ± 12dB

Frequency Bands: 31.5, 45, 63, 90, 125, 180, 250, 360, 550, 1K, 2K, 4K, 8K, 16KHz

Dimensions: 435 x 100 x 260mm

Weight: 3.8kg

Accessories: microphone



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Reviewed Jul 25th, 2016 by RTM

Not the Giant killer that the EQ-4000XR is, but it's plenty fine on its own. It's more hum susceptible than the 4000XR (or the 3000, two great EQ's on their own merits) to hum, but like the 4000XR, it has remote capabilities and RTA functions that make the RTA more than a light show. It's not quite as well built as the 4000XR or the 3000, but it does QUITE well. The codes for the remotes do not interchange with the 4000XR remotes, so you need to get the original remote with the EQ if at all possible. I've had no trouble with the crystals in mine, so I think how and where they're stored might play into the issue. Highly recommended.

Reviewed Jan 07th, 2016 by aatrepair

Not a bad EQ / Analyzer. Very early programmable/ remote type and still kind of alone-in-it's-class as not many people made consumer grade units with these functions. Nice to have memories to compare EQ curves. Florescent display looks nice too.

NOTE - The crystal oscillator on the display board and main board rust out (and sometimes fall off) on some of the older generation units. I have two of these and know this first hand. You will need a 4.0 MHz for display board and a 6.0 MHz for main board. Don't throw these OUT !
Good luck



re: EQ-14/14XR

Looking for microphone to this unit to buy

re: EQ-14/14XR

recently purchased the bsr 14,14 xr eq and it looks like its frozen and none of the buttons work does anyone have any suggestions on how to get it to work.

justice23's picture

re: EQ-14/14XR

Since it is computerized it is most likely a lost cause. I have one and it is going into the trash. It keep changing or switching buttons changing setting non stop. I sprayed all of the switches with detoxit as recommended by a local repair shop. But it seems to be the computer which is a large chip no worth fixing if the chip is even available.

re: EQ-14/14XR

Does anyone have a schematic for the BSR EQ-14/14XR equalizer?
The unit functions but the display is dead! Without the display it is hard to make any changes!

re: EQ-14/14XR

Did you ever find a schematic? I am looking, too!

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