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BSR EQ-3000

10 Band Stereo Frequency Equaliser

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BSR EQ-3000


BSR is proud to provide the ultimate value in design and development of a 10 band graphic equalizer with a real time frequency spectrum analyser, the EQ-3000, for your superior sound analysis. The EQ-3000 uses a fluorescent indicator tube which has 100 separate segments plus 10 segments average response indicator for display to analyse sound source frequencies and room acoustics.

Audio fans and music enthusiasts like yourself look forward to be able to enjoy the highest possible degrees of sound quality when listening to their favourite music. Simply using high-cost, high-quality components, however, does not in itself guarantee that the listener will be able to obtain this sound quality.

A wide variety of factors, including the nature of the listening environment as well as the placement of speakers, play a major role in the acoustic quality of any music system. To further enhance the effectiveness of the audio equalizer, BSR has developed the ultimate component in audio - measuring equipment: the new EQ-3000, the graphic equalizer with a real time frequency spectrum analyser.

The EQ-3000 offers the listener positive visual confirmation of all sound compensation made, having combined both a graphic equalizer and spectrum analyser into one unit.

The fluorescent indicator tube's display. which allows visual monitoring of all frequencies, plus average response, adds a further dimension of pleasure to the use of this superior component.

A high quality electret condenser microphone has been developed exclusively for pink noise measurement and is included with your EQ-3000. In addition to the excellent styling, your EQ-3000 has been carefully engineered to give you trouble-free performance and many years of listening enjoyment.


Input Sensitivity: 7V (max)

Output Level: 1V (7V max)

Gain: ± 1dB

Frequency response: 5Hz to 100kHz

Signal to Noise Ratio: 100dB

Total harmonic distortion: 0.008%

Control Range: ± 15dB

Frequency Bands: 31.5, 63, 125, 250, 500, 1K, 2K, 4K, 8K, 16KHz

Dimensions: 435 x 88 x 222mm

Weight: 4.3kg



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Reviewed Jan 05th, 2018 by kpfoto

I bought this 25 years ago, at least. Been stored in a box for a long time. I used it with my old Kenwood that had a Tape 2 button. It made everything sound amazing. Not sure my new Yamaha receiver has that. It and the Polks sound pretty good on their own but looking to work the highs at low volume a little more. Can I still use this with this new Yamaha??

Reviewed May 04th, 2016 by ccarlton28

Love the dynamic ability and pink noise.

Reviewed Mar 09th, 2016 by jammonz

This has been a workhorse for me. I've used it (although it barely makes it past the +1 on each frequency) sparingly and with great carefulness so I'm not taking what has been recorded and enhancing it beyond the intentions of the producer/engineer. It should sound natural and this EQ does just that if you can just add and subtract just enough not to discolor the artists true artistry! I recommend this one because of it's lack of distortion and abilities to enhance or shape the sound curve accurately! It's just my opinion and that has to be experienced by the listener to his/her liking! IMHO!

Reviewed Oct 25th, 2015 by WaltsAudio

I bought a BSR EQ-3000 shortly after they first came out and it is still in my home stereo rack today as of 2015. I'm an audio engineer and have used numerous EQs and this is still my favorite for home stereo applications. Mine is still running great.

I use 31-band EQs for professional room tuning and unlimited band parametrics in the studio, but I prefer 10 bands with a high gain range like the BSR EQ-3000 for the home stereo.

The band gain is nice at +/-15dB and the output is hot if overall gain is needed. It will color the sound when flat, so with very high fidelity sources, I do not run the signal through it, but when the source or your system have deficiencies, this does a great job of letting you compensate.

I tune venues professionally and I've not found any use for the mic and noise generator. I only used it a couple of times many years ago because the result was quite thin sound. I'd call that part of it mostly a toy. If you know anything at all about sound, you're better off using your ears than this mic and noise generator setup.

Reviewed Apr 24th, 2015 by RTM

For my vote, this and the BSR (ADC-these were all design DNA heirs apparent of the Cost No Object DBX's xx/xx series, it was the same company) 4000XR are the best Equalizers money could buy, unless you wanted to go for the DBX versions. (They may not have even been quite as good...) I own 1 3000 and 2 4000XR's and they're quieter, better built and more reliable than anything I've used or seen. They're worth every penny when you're in those rare situations when an EQ is the thing you actually need for a fidelity challenged recording. They were hands down the best thing DAK industries ever sold. Grab one if you have need for an analogue EQ.



re: EQ-3000

Me Too...

- I am searching for a BSR EQ-3000 service manual in order to fix my equalizer.
- I have developed dim bands and want to correct this.

Will someone post it here on our site or email me a copy

re: EQ-3000

I am searching for a BSR EQ 3000 service manual in order to fix my equalizer. Can anyone help?

re: EQ-3000

i need this manual too. could you help me?

re: EQ-3000

So many BIG THANKS for uploading this manual!.

re: EQ-3000

anybody have the service manual?

re: EQ-3000

Many thanks for this manual! I'm using a source audio system (just replaced my Carver) with 1970"s Rosewood Klipschorns and this adds just the littlest extra EQ that I need! Steve

re: EQ-3000

Thank you for the BSR EQ-3000 manual. I just rescued one of these units from an e-waste situation, I'm glad to get some info for it.

re: EQ-3000

Thank you for the BSR EQ-3000 Instruction Manual.

re: EQ-3000

Thanks for the manual.

BSR EQ-3000

Thanks for the EQ-3000 user manual! I bought mine new back in the early '80's and have since lost the manual but I still have everything else that came with it. Now I can figure out how to set up a listening room again! HiFi Engine is awsome!

Thank you

Sometimes a good old equalizer comes in handy. I just picked up one of these *cheap* and wasn't sure I'd find a user's manual.

HERM Schulte's picture

Thank you for the BSR EQ-3000

Thank you for the BSR EQ-3000 Manual!!! I wouldn't have expected to find it anywhere.

Herm S

BSR EQ-3000 free manual download

Thank you very much!

BSR EQ-3000


Free Manual For BSR EQ3000

Thank you very much for the free manual. I received an EQ from a friend who was going to throw it away. It looks great & is still working good. He had it hooked up to his stereo. He didnt want it anymore.

Free Manual

really appreciate your generous offer of this free download manual. it's very helpful for me. Thanks again.

alpine CDE-7826R

Thanks for manual...Mariusnicu15


Thank you for the copy of BSR EQ 3000. It is usefull to me. I was buyed this EQ used and need the manual !

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