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Dahlquist DQ-10

Five Way Dynamic Loudspeaker System

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Dahlquist DQ-10


The Phased Array model DQ-10 is a five-way dynamic loudspeaker system.

It's operation is based on patented acoustical techniques which provide very accurate reproduction of source material.

In order to minimize undesirable effects from diffraction, each driver has been separately mounted on the smallest possible baffle, whose dimensions were determined by the frequency range of the passband.

This is directly opposed to the standard practice of mounting the drivers on one relatively large baffle.

The mounting method used in the Phased Array also makes it possible to incorporate time-delay correction through relative front-to-back positioning of each element.


Type: 5 way, 5 driver loudspeaker system

Frequency Response: 35Hz to 27kHz

Recommended Amplifier: 60 to 200W

Crossover Frequency: 400, 1000, 6000, 12000Hz

Impedance: 8Ω

Bass: 1 x 10" cone

Midbass: 1 x 5" cone

Midrange: 1 x 1.75" soft dome

Tweeter: 1 x 0.75" dome

Super Tweeter: 1 x piezoelectric element

Weight: 50lbs



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Reviewed Dec 14th, 2019 by

A friend in work told me about an eccentric neighbor who buys new equipment every couple years, but never gets rid of anything. Curious, I ask; what's in the basement? Funny boxes with a sloped front. I knew exactly what speakers he saw. He said I could have them, there was something wrong with them. This I also knew (bad foam surrounds) After a few (or more) years of reminding, I finally got them home. They were 100-year-old dusty, but all there (except no stands). I swapped in new woofers and off to the races. Very impressive sound, clear and bright without harshness, presence without being too forward, all-around beautiful presentation. A little laugh the older folks will appreciate: It has a super tweeter in the form of a piezoelectric horn, which I thought wasn't working.... it is working just fine, only the very young and dogs can hear them working. Cheers.
P.S. I am moving and will have to find a new home for them in the next year or two, if you know someone who might appreciate them.

Reviewed Jul 05th, 2019 by

Absolutely SPECTACULAR speakers. My great uncle bought a pair in the early 80's, but for the past 20 years they'd been sitting untouched in my grandparents' basement along with a Luxman L480 amp my great uncle had bought to power them. They told me it was mine if I lugged the system out. I got it all out, and took it home.

All I had to do was refoam the woofers and resolder a couple loose connections to the supertweeter on one of the speakers and they were ready! I put Led Zeppelin's Physical Graffiti on and was immediately blown away by the sound these speakers produce. The soundstage with these is phenomenal. While many great speakers give a sense of listening to a wall of sound, these make you feel as if you're immersed in it. There's a sense of depth, a feeling that you can reach into the sound and pick individual elements apart. Sounds are not presented in a somewhat linear field like many speakers, but are placed all over, at different points. Listen to Eclipse from Pink Floyd and you can pick out the chorus behind the lead vocals with startling clarity. Throw on However Much I Booze from The Who and hear Keith Moon's drums crackle and explode all the way from one side of the room to the other. I have never heard anything like this before.

Some important notes about these speakers; firstly, the biggest factor in their sound is placement. I tried a few different places and eventually found that the best placement for these is significantly further out from the wall and a little closer to each other than other speakers. Try for at least a couple feet distance from any walls, and leave 3-4 feet in between the speakers. This will help the speakers work their expansive magic.

Secondly, these are not bass-heavy speakers. You won't get wall-shaking sound out of these, and if that's what you are looking for, these aren't the speakers for you. These speakers reproduce sound with shocking clarity and sharp, accurate detail. With that being said, a small sub does help to fill out the bottom end and give the speaker's woofers a little bit of help. The difference is definitely noticeable; I've currently got a Polk PSW10 as the sub in the setup but am looking to upgrade to something more detailed and clear. You won't need a sub much bigger than that (10 inches), just be sure to find one that is as clear and punchy as your budget allows. It's almost a crime to muddy up the beautiful sound these speakers put out!

These are my favorite speakers by a country mile. There's several for sale on eBay, and I would absolutely check them out and consider buying them. Keep in mind what I noted above and you will be just as floored and hooked on the sound as I am!

Reviewed Jan 12th, 2019 by

I heard these back in the 70's. They were the best speakers I had ever listened to, but I was in college and couldn't afford them. I picked up a mirrored pair 5 years ago. They had the optional DQ-1W bass unit and passive crossover. I refoamed the woofers. They are hooked to two Carver M-400's in monoblock mode. 500 watts a side. They are still the best speakers I've ever listened to and I have had many high-end speakers over the years.

Reviewed Sep 20th, 2018 by

I saw a add about vintage speakers with just a odd picture. I made contact with the seller and requested more pics. I was told they are so heavy it is difficult to move them. Next morning I decide to go have a look. These strange looking speakers. Peeping through the top I see these tiny speakers and complicated cross over. I told myself someone must have tried something that was to no speaker standard.
Would you like to hear them? I said if it's not a too much and really why would I want to waste my time listening to small little speakers staggered.
The dq10s were connected to a Yahama amp, CD player and turn table.
I was asked to sit in the main chair where the boss usually sits.
Lp or CD? Lp Sir. Jazz? Ok. Let's hear Engelbert Humperdinck. Oh God old speaker old man new HiFi?
When that sound started I sat up straight. When that man started singing I moved to the edge of the seat. I was now searching for the Engelbert he is right here.
I have never ever heard something like this.
I did not care about the weight anymore I picket them up and walked 50 meters to my car with each one.
Stands and all.
I'm preparing my sound room that I have been planning for 5 years now.
I don't want to see or hear any other speaker again.
Nothing will convince me.

Reviewed Feb 16th, 2018 by

Dated Aug 1980 , I was given my pair of DQ10s by a man that was a retired studio musician that was good friends with John Dahlquist and Sol Marantz ..
The man I got got these component's from said that John Dahlquist said the PSE AMP AND PRE would make him very happy as a studio musician .

different eyes see different things , different hearts Beat on different strings N.P.

I started to explore the home audio world about 30 years ago. My dad worked with and knew Paul Klipsch..we had more audio components in this house than I care to remember ..
The DQ 10's are arguably one of the best speakers ever produced in its class .
depending on the recording , room , placement andnother factors the DQ10 can get power hungry .. with THE PSE Amp's beyond modest power rating the DQ10's are pure magic ...I myself have spent hours and hours in recording studios ..I love accurate playback and hate everything else .
I demand realistic..the music MUST move me , just as the live performance of each musician. The DQ 10 WILL move you .IT will provoke your emotions and stimulate your senses.
Recomended highly !

Reviewed Jun 03rd, 2014 by

Tremendous quality in a mid 70s speaker. I have the original ( not mirrored and not modified) version. Jazz is especially well appreciated with this set.

Reviewed May 31st, 2014 by

Mirrored pair. Forget nonsense about the power needs of these speakers. Mine are well driven by a 50 watt tube amp AND they are on the floor AND close to walls and they sound amazing.

Reviewed Mar 09th, 2014 by

I completely refurbished my pair of DQ-10's that I bought in 1977. Marketed as Phased Array, this is the most accurate & neutral speakers I have in my collection.



re: DQ-10

The chain: Teksonor CD 9 is the turntable, pre Cabre Stradivari, biamplification with pa. Cabre 102 and 202 (mono coupled) crossover Cabre 105.
The DQ 10 with DQ1 sub sound terrific!
The amplification and the turntable are really great.
I will not change them anymore!

re: DQ-10

I was thinking I was going to mirror image mine but then I realized that the non-mirrored image original. Does the subwoofer make a big difference? I don't have one but considering buying one

re: DQ-10

I reformed the woofers, rebuilt the crossovers with new caps and wire, rebuilt the stands and they sound fantastic! Powered by a 160 wpc Rotel power amp, but I have also used a Rotel integrated with good results. If you like to listen at elevated levels, you will need 100 wpc. Very clean and open sound at all levels, if you can find a pair in good shape I would recommend these as a top choice. If you want a project, these can be found in need of repair quite cheaply, and the repairs are quite simple to perform.

willfromct's picture

re: DQ-10

I found a pair and when I picked them up , the seller said he was a studio musician in N.YC. in the
1970s and had developed a friendship with Jon Dahlquist after talking and telling Jon he wanted a faithful reproduction of the recordings he was making at the time and was not happy with several speaker amp combos that he was listening to
Jon gave him a pair of Mirrored DQ-10s and PSE STUDIO ONE preamp and studio one amp...the seller was not sure of the exact year but said the DQ 10s were paired with the PSE preamp & amp were in his words exquisite! he fell in love with the setup ! Running a reel to reel and thorens td165 he had the system he need for work and home .man it was the last gear he ever had before his recent downsize and plans in motion to move south.
when I loaded up those DQ10'S and then the man said .m"ya know I still have that PSE preamp and amp in my office ..want em?" he gave them to me and said they belonged with the DQ10s.
I have know way to prove this story .but the man had know reason to make up a story .I asked if they were still in contact and all he would say was that Jon was in a car wreck once or twice and kept to himself .
I am proud of and love this DQ 10 and PSE combination .. and will never part with it.

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