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DBX 119

Dynamic Range Enhancer

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DBX 119


The DBX 119 was developed for audiophiles and professional sound engineers who need a greater compression range and the capability of expanding or compressing above a pre-set threshold.

The model 119, with the exception of the slow release rate, will do everything that the model 117 will do.



re: 119

The downloadable manual here appears to be only for the DBX 117, not the 119. Does anyone have a source for a 119 manual?

re: 119

I used to have the 119......The manual included here for the 117 was the exact manual that came with it.......There are notes describing the differences between the 117 and the 119 on the last page.......I found a very unique function to use with mine......I have a very large collection of WWII-era 78s, and through trial-and-error, I discovered very judicious settings on the 119 resulted in unbelievable noise reduction, especially the distortion caused by previous playing of the records with bad styli...........If I hadn't heard it for myself, I doubt if I would have ever believed such noise reduction was possible...Along with the SAE 5000 Impulse Noise Reduction System, many of my 78s which always sounded horrible were rendered beautifully listenable ......When I heard about the DBX3BX, I traded-in my 119 for the 3BX, expecting that the "bigger-and-better" 3BX would perform the same and even better functions.........Well, to my dismay, although the 3BX turned out to be a truly great dynamic range expander, which I have enjoyed for over 40 years, I have always lamented the loss of the noise reduction function of the 119, which the 3BX did not perform.......I have often wondered if anyone else ever discovered what the 119 could do with the playing of noisy 78s, since it was not mentioned in the manual.........I am considering purchasing a used 119, to see if my 40+ year old memories are as accurate as I remember........

re: 119

Great small box for that who knows how to use. Unbelievable many ways to use with great effect, recordind LP, playing bass guitar, drum recordings...

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