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DBX 160 Series


The DBX 160 Series is a complete line of Over Easy compressor/limiters to suit virtually every budget and every application. Through sophisticated circuit design, the disturbing audio side effects often associated with compressor/limiters have been eliminated.

All models incorporate the DBX Over Easy circuit design that provides inaudible transition into compression, even at high compression ratios.

The Blackmer RMS detector - a patented circuit for detecting true RMS levels - closely simulates the reaction of the human ear to audio signals, providing compression that sounds natural and appropriate to the music.

And, because the response of this unique detector accurately correlates to thermal energy developed in loudspeakers, DBX compressor/limiters can provide optimum driver protection in high-power applications.

The 160 Series also features the patented Blackmer VCA (Voltage Controlled Amplifier) which provides precise low distortion control of audio levels over a wide dynamic range. Feed forward gain control allows infinity:1 compression ratios without gain instability. And DC control of all functions eliminates noisy pot problems because no audio signals pass through front panel controls.

The DBX 160 Series of compressor/limiters is at the forefront of compressor technology - the logical choice for recording studios, broadcasters and sound contractors who want the most natural sound available today.


160X, 163, 164, 165, RM-163

Year: 1981



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