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Denon POA-2400

Stereo Power Amplifier (1989-91)

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Denon POA-2400


Power output: 200 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo)

Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz

Total harmonic distortion: 0.002%

Input sensitivity: 1V

Signal to noise ratio: 123dB

Speaker load impedance: 4Ω to 16Ω

Dimensions: 434 x 187 x 429mm

Weight: 17.5kg


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re: POA-2400

Back of amp says 350 Watts
Power consumption

Manual says 7.5A or 500w or
350w multiple. What does this mean

re: POA-2400

The specs in the manual show at least 4 different versions, US/CA (120V), EU (220V), UK/AU (240V) and Aisa (110/120/220/240V). The version for Asia is multiple (switchable) voltage and rated at just 350W power consumption, lower than the other regions, probably due to the transformer needing multiple taps.

re: POA-2400

Hi so if I drive 2 sets of 8 ohm speakers with my pia 2400 I'd have more than 100x4 rms , si the amp would see 4 ohms and drive 330x2 660 รท4 or 450 dynamic

re: POA-2400 vs POA-2400A and need the A version service man

I have two POA-2400A (yes "2400A") multi voltage with the non polarized plug versions that I got new while stationed in the Azores back in the late 80s. they sat for more than 10 years and while one survived perfectly the other has an annoying hum and a little "fizzle" sound emitted from only the right channel. I tried reconditioning for 36 hours under light load and while the noise did get better I suspect one of the filter caps is leaking a bit and confusing the bias circuitry. I called DENON and they said there is a difference and I called one of the service centers and they confirmed that there is a seperate POA-2400A manual but they won't help me out. DENON said they were out of stock but would sell me an "A" service manual and they had a cap parts kit on the website until the last update and now even that's gone.
Can anyone help me out with a service manual for the POA-2400A?
What is the difference between the "A" and the NON "A" amps other than the transformer and voltage switch?
Are the bias adjustments have the same?
If I were to guess I'd say it has to do mainly with the transformer the power supply and grounding (or NON) of the chassis since the power cord is NON polarized but speaker low still returns to chassis.
Any help would be appreciated
NOTE: I replaced the power supply 10,000uF 80V caps (thanks digikey) in the noisy side and still there is a hum.
Any ideas?

re: POA-2400 vs POA-2400A and need the A version service man

Ground feed back

re: POA-2400

Thank you very much for the English manuals!

Service and Operation Manuals Uploaded

I have uploaded the manuals. They should be available shortly.

re: Denon POA-2400

Thank you very much.
When I'm looking on this page, it says that the impediance range is from 4 to 16 ohms, but in the manual, it shows under specs how many watts it will produce at 1 and 2 ohms. How should I interpret this? Can it handle 1 and 2 ohms or not? :D

re: Denon POA-2400

Nope it should self diagnose shut it self down

re: Denon POA-2400

Both manuals state a recommended minimum of 4 ohms for one set of speakers, 8 ohms for two, as does the back of the amplifier.

The figures given in the specs for 1 and 2 ohms are dynamic power output, not continuous use.

re: Denon POA-2400

Thanks for the answer. I'm really not a genius in this topic, so the following question may sound stupid:
Do you think it would work properly without getting damaged with a continuous load of 2 ohms?

re: Denon POA-2400

Yep 2 4ohm speakers min or 4 8ohm speakers

POA 2400 Manual in english

I would like a POA 2400 manual in english also, if anybody has one. Thanks!

Denon POA 2400 Service Manual in English

I too need this manual in English. How can I get it translated. Thanks, Austinhorn

english manual

I found the german manual for my POA 2400, but I beed the english version.


denon poa 2400a

Is an english version of the service manual available?

Is an owner's manual available? (english)?

denon poa2400 power amp

thanks for the manual, it is a great help.

Denon POA-2400

Now all we need is an english version :o)

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