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Focal Avant-Garde In Technology


Focal drivers which are made individually by hand respond to the most advanced technological standards.

Each component is inspected, chosen and tested separately. The drivers are built and then assembled by one artisane who also assures the final acoustic testing.

A realism without compromise, Focal's philosophy is founded upon the union of new technologies and "savoir-faire". An object of creative genius.

Focal has developed a new design concept with small-sized twin coil units.

The Focal range incorporates some new drive units fitted with two concentric but separate voice coils. They have been specially designed for a specific application.

Both voice coils work in different frequency ranges; one operates over the full range of the unit whilst the other only operates over the lower bass range, being rolled off at higher frequencies.

In this way, it is now possible to modify the lower mid-range and bass levels as required and adjust the frequency response in an area not previously possible.

The voice coils work together in the lower bass range but have different roll-off frequencies using two cross-over sections.

This design increases the total efficiency and simplifies the crossover networks. As it is not necessary to use many elements to obtain a linear response, the phase shift is reduced and the bass performance is quite outstanding for small units.


10C01, 10N501, 5N302, 5N401, 5N402-DB, 7C02, 7C03, 7C04, 7C502, 7MC2, 7N303, 7N401, 7N401-DBE, 7N501, 8N401, 8N401-DBE, 8N401-DBE/2, 8P501, T120, T120FC



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