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Galactron MK16

Stereo/Quadraphonic Preamplifier (1975)

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Galactron MK16


In designing and for the development of the MK16 pre-amplifier the same philosophical technique that characterised the MK10 amplifier has been pursued, embracing over seven years of research and experience for Galactron in the field of audio.

The MK16 materialises an idea, a way of hearing so making even the non passive listener a professional performer or director of musical reproduction.

The MK16 is the answer to dreams of those who love music and desire perfection. for those who are able to appreciate that little fundamental difference.

Behind the numerous knobs and controls, the severe looking black panel of unmistakable professional appearance, the MK16 has within it literally a mine of detail only to be found in a piece of equipment particularly developed in every minute part.

It contains nothing that is useless and everything has its precise function especially created according to coherent design. Appearance is subordinate to human preference, class is the result of consequence, and modestly the Galactron MK16 has both these characteristics.

The Pre-amplifier has five mixable inputs, each one controlled by a slider potentiometer and exclusion switch. Each input has its own insertable modular pre-amplifier equaliser, available for any particular equalisation curve.

The tone control section has two graphic equalisers having ten spot frequencies with exclusion switch and two steep slope filters for high and low frequencies.

The volume control includes a physiological compensation for a nominal listening level which can he excluded as desired and naturally there is the possibility of connecting two tape recorders for making copies with simultaneous monitoring of the recorded information.

An original slider control allows passing from the Stereo position to Stereo Reverse in a continuous fashion through a central Mono position thus permitting a perfect spacial balancing of the sound image.

The output section is fitted with four level controls, two for front channels and two for the rear, and are used for the desired balancing.

There are two VU Meters which are normally active only for the front channels, left and right.

An optional accessory contains a quadraphonic decoder to render the rear channels operative and includes two VU Meters for their control, thus transforming the MK16 into a complete quadraphonic pre-amplifier.


Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz

Total harmonic distortion: 0.1%

Input sensitivity: 0.775mV (mic), 0.775mV (MM), 77.5mV (line)

Signal to noise ratio: 78dB (mic), 78dB (MM), 82dB (line)

Output: 1.5V (Pre out), 8V (Pre out Max)



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