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Harman Kardon Citation 16A

Professional Power Amplifier

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Harman Kardon Citation 16A


Harman Kardon has improved an already superb power amplifier.

The Citation 16 has been hailed as rock stable and capable of handling any speaker load with ease.

The amplifier will realise the full potential of any loudspeaker; it is a power amplifier made for the most discriminating listener.


Power output: 150 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo)

Frequency response: 4Hz to 120kHz

Total harmonic distortion: 0.05%

Damping factor: 300

Input sensitivity: 1.25V

Signal to noise ratio: 100dB

Dimensions: 232 x 486 x 344mm

Weight: 24.9kg



re: Citation 16A

Is it normal for my citation 16a to make kind of zap sound when I shut the power? I have tried both shutting the preamp first
and the amp first: same sound. I do not get any turn on sound only when I shut it off. Can this be dangerous for my speakers? Also I find that it gets rather hot on those heatsinks...any thoughts ?? Thanks !

re: Citation 16

Bought mine in 1976-still own it and it was completely serviced 25 years ago and now needs it again.

I have had issues from the beginning with zapping/popping sounds at both turn on and turn off-I was told that there is a spurious discharge surge of voltage during these operations and that is the cause of the problem. Other theories also presented. I did do some work with sequencing the turn on and turn off of the amp-but ultimately I wired a fuse into the speaker wire on the negative speaker wire-going into the speaker.

This did not prevent the zapping-but if it was at a level that would damage the speakers the fuse would blow. Blow a few fuses I did-but only occasionally-less than I would have guessed from the sound of the zap. I believe if I recall correctly (???) I was using a 30 amp car fuse with an inline holder. I was fortunate that I had complete access to the repair techs and the store who sold me the system-they helped me work through this. At one point I added an updated pre-amp (bought a citation 11 pre-amp with this purchase). This did not totally make the problem go away-but it lessened it to the point where I no longer felt it necessary to use speaker fuses.

Also of note-my first installation was in an old house with poor grounding in the electrical circuits. I was able to fix this for the outlet that I was using to power the system-it resulted in less electronic detritus drifting around in the sound and completely eliminated the faint 60 Hz hum that occasionally presented. Later I had grounding problems when I hooked up a new piece of equipment that wasn't properly grounded-it passed through to the speakers

It also seems to help a little when I tinned the ends of my speaker wires with solder.

That is all I can think of. Not bad for an old brain damaged boomer audiophile-it was a good memory exercise for me. Hope this helps.


re: Citation 16A


When time to BEGIN listening session --->

You must power on the ampli at last ... ALWAYS .... others must be on before ...pre-amp , cd and so

When time to STOP listening session --->

You must power off the ampli at first ... ALWAYS .... then other can go off ...pre-amp , cd and so

B) The zap sound when turn off ... no it is not normal check it ...

C) Heatsinks are hot ... normal .... and it is good cause sound will be more warm (as lamps ) ...

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