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Heathkit AR-15

Solid-State AM/FM Stereo Receiver (1967-69)

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Heathkit AR-15


Tuning range: FM, MW

Power output: 50 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo)

Frequency response: 6Hz to 50kHz

Total harmonic distortion: 0.5%

Damping factor: 45

Input sensitivity: 2.2mV (MM), 200mV (ceramic), 200mV (line)

Speaker load impedance: 4Ω to 16Ω

Dimensions: 429 x 122 x 369mm

Weight: 14kg

Year: 1967



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Reviewed Mar 16th, 2017 by

I remember my dad building his when I was a kid and the great music it played for years. I acquired my latest one from a local garage sale for a mere $20. It played but barely. After a full recap with selected Elna and Nichicon capacitors and careful selection of the output transistors it sounds fantastic. The reason is because of Heaths very solid circuit design and outstanding engineering. With the original design mixed with modern component selection, its once agian at the top of heap. It will out perform most modern receivers and the sound is very very good. Highs are natural and lows are very clean and not the least bit muddy. Mine is playing through a custom set of folded horn bass cabinets and the 50 watts per channel is more then enough to drive them. I would recommend this receiver to anyone with some electronics repair background as they are now a forty year old build and will need some service to bring it back to all its glory, and its well worth the effort.



re: AR-15

The AR-15 did not use point to point wiring with components soldered to terminal strips. It's mostly PC board construction. The manual is about 1/2" thick. No, mine is not for sale. Heath provided an upgrade for the power supply, to soften the turnon inrush current which tended to blow the input rectifier diodes. Most of these have probably had that upgrade installed, but there's a separate schematic for the upgrade, which used the same PC board.

You can probably do recapping without a schematic, but a schematic would be important for troubleshooting. The AR-15 uses lots of little alum electrolytics for interstage coupling and those will all be open by now. I replaced all of mine with metal/glass sealed Ta caps and those have never failed. The one large 90 V PS cap is an odd physical size and will be a problem. Each channel uses a large output coupling capacitor, and those will also be hard to find replacements for.

The output stage transistors are TO-3s which are likely to be fine. If you need the special driver transistors, built onto their own heat sinks, I have a large supply of those that I can share.

re: AR-15

You can get a schematic here. https://www.vintage-radio.info/heathkit/, but if your rebuilding then you'll need more. Is this old enough to have point to point wiring on terminal strips? Somebody bought up the rights to all those manuals as an investment. They really should be public domain. Check on the auction websites and avoid the greedy blood suckers if you can.

re: AR-15

Would someone possibly have an assembly manual for the ar15. I'm in the process of rebuilding one.

re: AR-15

I believe I have one , lmk if u still need it.

re: AR-15

I'm looking for a copy of the Heathkit AR-15 user and service manuals if you have them.


re: AR-15

I was wondering about the Heathkit AR-15 manual. From what I could find it’s massive, and sells online for more than most manuals. Help break the cycle! If you have a AR-15 manual, please upload! I would greatly appreciate it!

re: AR-15

can i please have a copy of the manual

re: AR-15

I built one of these as a 19 year old. I just got one at auction for a pittance. Good thing, because it had the beginnings of a mouse hotel in it. Not much damage from that though. However, all the green caps are split, and someone in the past started a recap of the electrolytics.

I think I might go ahead and restore it, but I'll start by removing each board, scrubbing them, then recapping and reinstalling. A few of the original wires look suspect, so once cleaned I'll decide whether or not to replace them. Possibly just dirty.. one did clean up with a Q tip and alcohol so we'll see.....

HOWEVER... I, too, need the full manual. From my very dim memory, it IS massive. If anyone has one and is willing to send it, I will scan it and put it up on my website for eternity. (or at least, my eternity).


re: AR-15

Sorry, the manual is no longer available on this page, but it is available from the manufacturer

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