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HH Scott Stereo-Mono HiFi Components


Detailing the Range of HH Scott High Fidelity Components.

What is High Fidelity Sound?

It is the creation in your own living room of the true beauty and depth of the original performance as played in the concert hall. Actually it is a combination of silence and truth because high fidelity sound reproduction means the absence of extraneous noise and hum and faithful, distortionless, delivery of the sound you want to hear.

What is Component High Fidelity?

With component high fidelity all the essential parts of the music system are purchased as separate units. These separate units include: The record changer, amplifier, loudspeaker, and radio tuner. In conventional radio phonographs all these parts are manufactured together and installed in one cabinet.

Why is Component High Fidelity Better?

With components the value is concentrated in the electronic equipment, rather than in the furniture. When you buy components you pick the particular parts you want to fill your needs and plug them together to form a complete system. With components you can separate the loudspeaker from the record playing equipment so that speaker sound vibration will not interfere with the perfect reproduction of the recording. The smaller companies who manufacture fine components can maintain higher standards of quality and performance than is possible in the mass-produced console.

What Are the Different Components?

The Radio Tuner captures the radio waves from the air. There are two kinds of radio waves: AM and FM. AM is the kind you find in most ordinary table radios. FM is a newer form of static-free radio being used to transmit a great deal of good music.

The Record Player is usually in the form of a turntable or a record changer in the high fidelity system. It is a precision piece of equipment, made like a fine watch. Mounted on the turntable or changer is the arm and cartridge. The cartridge holds the phono-
graph needle and transforms the movement of the needle in the record groove to electrical signals.

The Amplifier is the link between the tuner or turntable and the speakers. The amplifier strengthens the minute signals fed into it by the tuner or record player turns these signals into electrical impulses strong enough to drive the speakers. It is in the amplifier that you control the sound, make it louder or softer or change the tonal balance to suit your ears.

The Speaker. It is here that the carefully controlled electrical signal is changed into sound waves you can hear.

Why Should I Buy Components?

Components give you the ultimate in performance. When you buy components you don't spend a lot of money on expensive cabinetry. All of your purchase price goes for the guts or insides of the set. Therefore you get more for your money. You also get extra versatility with components. They take little space, and can be installed almost anywhere.


121C, 130, 135, 209, 210F, 250, 299, 300, 1000, 310B, 311C, 330C, 710A, 99D

Year: 1959



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