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Hitachi Audio Video


  • CPT-1436, CPT-1456, CPT-2128, CPT-2155, CPT-2168, CPT-2528, CPT-2563, CPT-2564, CPT-2568, CPT-2569, CPT-2666, CPT-2669, CPT-2788, CPT-2789, CPT-2828, CPT-2868, CPT-2869, CPT-2870, CPT-2871, CX-W800E, D-003, D-007, D-707 mkII, D-909, D-W220, D-W450, DA-005, DA-006, DA-007, DA-009, DA-38, DA-400, DA-58, DA-7000, DA-7200, Digi-1000, FT-007, FT-3 mkIIR, FT-5500 mkIIR, FT-D100, HA-007, HA-3R, HA-6, HA-D100, HCA-8500 mkIIR, HMA-8500 mkIIR, HRD-MD18, HRD-MD28, HRD-MD38, HRD-MD58, HS-E300, HS-E38, HS-E450, HS-E58, HT-7A, HT-MD28, HT-MD46, Opus 1CD, Opus 450CD, System M38CD, TRK-3D2E, TRK-3D5E, TRK-3D7 mkIIE, TRK-3D70E, TRK-3D75E, TRK-3D8E, TRK-510E, TRK-620E, TRK-6830E, TRK-6835E, TRK-720E, TRK-902E, TRK-CD3, TRK-P6E, TRK-W27E, TRK-W350E, TRK-W540E, TRK-W550E, TRK-WP7E, TRL-610E, VM-500E, VM-C30E, VT-125E, VT-135E, VT-145E, VT-175E, VT-400E, VT-410E, VT-413E, VT-415E, VT-418E, VT-420E, VT-425E, VT-426E, VT-430E, VT-435E, VT-570E, VT-575E, VT-580E, VT-585E

    Year: 1987-1988

  • Hitachi Audio Video 1989

    CMT-1435, CMT-2130, CMT-2139, CMT-2141, CMT-2400, CMT-2700, CMT-2900, CMT-3300, CSK-232E, CSK-422E, CSK-432E, DA-6500, DA-W600, MD-02, MD-03, MD-04, MD-05, MS-W560E, MS-W600ER, MX-W50, SF-1001, SF-1002, SF-123, TRK-3D2E, TRK-3D30E, TRK-3D80E, TRK-3D8E, TRK-640E, TRK-650E II, TRK-CW3E, TRK-W220E, TRK-W350E, TRK-W530E, VM-1200E, VM-3200E, VM-C52E, VT-416E, VT-498EM, VT-517E, VT-M619EM, VT-P60

    Year: 1989



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